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Women in Business

Rising Recruitment Star Julie Zuckerberg

New York resident and New York Law School alumni, Julie Zuckerberg is a rising star in the field of Executive Recruitment. She presently serves as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank, where Zuckerberg works together with principals in the field of Private Wealth and Commercial Business, Global Technology, and Asset Management. She also guides Operations in the area of regional talent acquisition policies as well as the recruitment process improvements. In this role, Zuckerberg also works with Commercial and Private Wealth clients as well as Asset Management and GTO. Here she enhances client’s recruitment processes and talent acquisition techniques. She is an expert in the area of recruitment proficiency and action attracting the highest caliber of diverse talent.


Prior to her work as Deutsche Bank’s Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, Zuckerberg served as Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition Lead and Vice President of Deutsche Bank. In these roles, she worked to implement the most suitable tracking that included networking methods, internal mobility, and direct sourcing. Ms. Zuckerberg also had the lead in managing the complete hiring cycle for Managing Director and Director. She managed recruitment for Regional Management, Audit, Risk, Legal, US Compliance, Global Technology, Investor Relations, In-house Consulting, Finance, and Operations. She was keenly aware of the benefits of diversity and sought to recruit candidates who brought both superior skills as well as a personal range to the table.


Earlier in her career, Julie Zuckerberg worked for New York Life Insurance Company as a Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President at the company’s New York-based offices. Here she oversaw the agency’s hiring across the country in the area of experienced hire roles. In addition, Zuckerberg managed the recruitment process of recruiters, team project managers, and the outsourcing team.


Additionally, Ms. Zuckerberg functioned as Vice President and Executive Recruiter for Citi. Her responsibilities for Citi were vast and encompassed international talent sourcing including expatriate processes and international relocation, the mediation and expansion of multifaceted job offers, the arrangement of retained search firms including the selection of firms, fee negotiation, and vetting of candidates. Julie Zuckerberg also served as an advisor to senior business leaders on recruiting strategies. She was thorough and provided complete cycle hiring procedure for the positions of Director and Managing Director hires throughout Citi’s many holdings including Internet Office, Citi’s Consumer Bank, Citi Cards, and Marketing.


As evidenced in her numerous executive level positions, Julie possesses various work skills including talent acquisition, conflict resolution, interviewing skills, strategy, succession planning, applicant tracking, coaching, human resources, leadership, employee training, and systems. In addition to her study of Law at New York Law School, Zuckerberg studied philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College.


Julie Zuckerberg is a supporter of human rights, civil rights, and animal welfare. She is also interested in all types of technology, science. and various economic issues. Her hobbies include the arts, photography, technology, and running. Ms. Zuckerberg is presently located in Manhattan, New York and maintains several social network accounts.




Kevin Seawright; an entrepreneur of all time

Working for the public can be a tricky situation and if you do it well many people will love your work and appreciate what have accomplished. Not many people can work for the public and still succeed in the private sector.

It takes time, dedication and passion. Some authorities and programs are designed so as to make the lives of citizens bearable. It is important that citizens can concentrate on working and developing their nation because they have been given the service that they need to succeed in these endeavors.

Various agencies help the government in running things to ensure that citizens are in place. Without these companies, the government cannot work on its own to accomplish all these tasks. However, having talented people who can take up these positions and lead others makes things easier.

With the proper and careful location of resources, there will be a success of all organizations and citizens will also find life bearable. Regarding leadership, Kevin Seawright has been at the forefront. He has both worked for the organization and the government and knows all it takes to succeed in these areas. He has leadership skills because of the many leadership positions that he has held in the past. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

He is a man of many traits. However, he has specialized in project management and accounting. His career started when he began working with the government so as to serve the citizens.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has a strong background in education because he has a degree in leadership and also obtained an MBA degree from globally recognized institutions. He has been involved in many areas of leadership. For example, he leads the youth in sports where he acts as the coach.

Those who have ventured into business know of Kevin Seawright because he has at one point offered guidance to the firm. He has decided to continue working with the public and the private sector because he is passionate about his work. Now Kevin Seawright is tasked with different areas of ensuring development.

Because of his ability in leadership, Newark chose the talented man to lead them and show them the right direction. They knew with the experience that he has, he will lead them to achieve many things and their mission.


Event Planners

The Importance Of Finding The Right Event Planner For Your Next Big Event

For anyone who is planning to throw a big event in the near future, a competent, experienced event planner is a godsend. The right event planner will ensure that every detail of your event runs smoothly and will save you an enormous amount of stress as well as money.


However, finding the right event planner can be a challenge especially if you have never thrown an event before. That’s why we have made this step-by-step list in order to ensure that you can make the most informed decision when it comes time to hire a planner for your upcoming event.



  1. What is Your Objective?




  1. What Type of Planning Service Do You Need?


It’s important to know exactly what you need from your event planner. Do you need them to help you hire your vendors? Are you going to require them to handle the setting up of the room?


If you want to hire an event planning service that can provide all the services you need as well, use a company like Twenty Three Layers in New York City. Twenty Three Layers is a full-service planning company that will provide everything that you could possibly need for your event from catering and entertainment to creating a seating chart.


Twenty Three Layers can turn any event into a memorable experience whether it be a small, intimate dinner party or a large corporate picnic.



  1. What Is Your Budget?


You can’t meet with event planners until you have a general idea of your budget in mind. That’s because an event planner needs to know your budget before they can help you make any decisions.



  1. Which Planner Can Best Suit My Needs?


It’s important to interview a handful of planners in person so that you can ask them important questions and get a feel for their personality. You will be working very closely with your planner so it’s important that the chemistry is right.





With the right event planner, throwing an event doesn’t have to be a headache. This simple to-do list will ensure that you make the right decision.