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Financial Advisor

Financial Expert David Giertz Discusses Importance Of Social Security In Retirement

David Giertz, the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors, recently had a sitdown interview with Veronica Dagher of the Wall Street Journal. The interview focused on how most financial advisors don’t talk to their clients about social security. Giertz said this is a huge mistake on their part due to two main factors; the importance social security plays in retirement and because of client retention issues on

A survey on that David Giertz’s company recently completed shows that most people will switch financial advisors if theirs doesn’t discuss social security with them. Just from a retention standpoint it’s thus very important to do so, however, most financial advisors don’t because of the sheer complexity of social security rules means that they don’t feel confident about the issue at The second main point that Giertz made is that as pensions increasingly don’t exist any longer social security payments make up a large part of most people’s retirement income – up to 40% for many retirees. Social security is too important to not discuss.

David Giertz has been with Nationwide since 1999. Prior to this, he worked for Financial Horizons Security Corporation for 4 years starting in 1989 and for 6 years he worked as a financial adviser at Citicorp Investment Services. David Giertz graduated from Millikin University with a degree in Business Administration and Management in 1986. In 2003 he earned his MBA in Business Administration and Management from the University Of Miami – School of Business.

As the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors David Giertz is responsible for the strategy and distribution of the company’s financial products including retirement plans, annuities, life insurance, mutual funds, and specialty markets. Their financial products are sold through banks, financial firms, and independent brokers and dealers.

Healthy Hair

What Makes WEN Hair Care By Chaz Unique?

WEN Hair Care by Chaz is an all natural, chemical free shampoo and conditioner that nourishes your hair. It replenishes the hair follicles leaving all types and textures healthy, glossy, strengthened, and shiny.

The continuous use of Wen Hair Care will definitely pay off in the long run making the hair lustrous, strong, silky and bouncy. Full of body, bringing dull, lifeless hair back to life.

Buying WEN Hair Care and including this product into your everyday lifestyle is an affordable luxury that is well worth its weight in gold. The cleansing conditioner gives the hair that much needed moisture balance to protect against daily wear and tear that hair goes through induced by the sun, climate, cold weather, pollution, hair color, and heating elements, such as flat irons and blow dryers.

I love the cleansing conditioner because it adds a much needed richness to my hair and softness that lasts all day derived from natural based ingredients. It gives me time to indulge and pamper my hair in the finest of salon quality products without blowing my bank account with the convenience of at home application.

WEN Hair Care is definitely a must have for women and men who take the care of their hair very seriously. Especially, Celebrities who are constantly in the spotlight, under bright lights, it tames frizzies, and keeps your hair vibrant, lively and pretty. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, whether on a first date or first interview that could change your life for the better. Having the right outfit is a plus, and accessories a must, but the most important part of the whole package is what is on top your head. Your hair can either make or break you, use WEN Hair Care and you will Win!

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Inamtes Have Easy Access To The Madison County Courier

The Madison County Courier is helping massive people in New York find attorneys for various issues in a quick amount of time. This online system is very simple to use, and it is one that all people can relate to on an everyday basis. There is another group of people that have been relating to this system as well, and they are inmates of local jails and state prisons.


Today, jails and state prisons are more technologically advanced than ever before. This means inmates now have access to computers and the Internet. Inmates have been using their Internet privilege to visit the Madison County Courier online system. All an inmate needs is five minutes before they are hauled of to court. Within these five minutes, an inmate can find an attorney to represent them; this even includes inmates with no money.


When the inmate gets to court, the attorney will be there, and the attorney will be ready to argue, having already known most of the facts about the case. This has caused court proceedings to move faster than usual. Moreover, this has led to inmates having to do less time behind bars. Many inmates end of getting an extra six months to two years for coming to court without a lawyer, some on several different occasions.


Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein wanted all people to have a fair opportunity when he created this online program. The people he had in mind also included inmates. Graduating top of his class, Attorney Goldstein represented many high-profile criminals. During this time, he observed how inmates with no money and no family were given more time on their sentence for having no lawyer when appearing in court.


Attorney Goldstein wanted to change this part of the system. His amazing online program is making a positive impact in the lives of inmates on a daily basis.


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Healthy Hair

WEN By Chaz Does In Fact Give You Hair To Be Confident About

Having hair you can be confident about is probably important to you because a bad hair day usually means a rough day at work or while out running errands around town. If you can’t decide on a conditioner and shampoo combination that works best for your hair, you should consider WEN by Chaz. While this product has certainly been aired on TV commercials – by paid actors, one user at had some good things to say about it as well.

The way this user describes WEN by Chaz is it softens and does its magic on hair the instant it’s applied in the shower. You also don’t have to worry about large strands of hair falling out when you use it and as soon as you’re done drying your hair you’ll notice a nice thick and shiny feel to it. The product’s only shortcoming is it has to be used daily to get the best results as opposed to skipping days, but you really can’t argue the results you get from using it.

The person behind this conditioner and shampoo brand is Chaz Dean, a photography enthusiast who loves giving people hair they can be proud of. He put his ideas for hairstyling to work at a cosmetology school he attended in Los Angeles, and while there he worked closely with a hair product company to design his own brand. After getting the rights to his brand he opened a salon where many celebrities come to get their hair done.

If you’re interested in buying the WEN by Chaz products you can find them at the company website, or and you can also purchase them from retail stores like Sephora. The products come in three distinct scents of lavender, sweet almond mint and pomegranate.

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