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Beauty Industry

How The RealReal Helps Expand The Idea of Beauty

One thing that people can say about beauty is that it is often treated as something rare. Many people are made to believe that they have to adhere to some unrealistic standards to be considered beautiful. The worst part is that there are times when they see someone who is adhering successfully to these standards. This often causes people to become envious. One of the major factors behind this is the type of companies that are available for them. Fortunately, The RealReal is jumping into the beauty business. The best thing about this is that they are taking a different approach to their beauty products than what they have been taking with their clothing.

One thing that The RealReal has been doing with clothing and other products has been consignment. They have been taking some older projects and selling them. However, beauty products are going to be treated differently. The RealReal is going to be selling new beauty products. To make things better, these are going to be products that are clean. Therefore, they will be good for the skin unlike some of the other products from make up companies. Therefore, women can rest assured that they are not going to have skin problems with these types of makeup compared with other brands of makeup.

Another thing that The RealReal adds to the beauty industry is a lot of variety. Women of all shapes and cultures are represented when it comes to beauty. Therefore, they can feel comfortable when they are shopping for the products that this business offers. The best part is that these are premium items. Therefore, they can be trusted to provide customers with the satisfaction that they need in order to keep using the products. This company is also experimenting with physical locations so that they can better serve their customers.

Financial Expert

The impact of Vijay Eswaran’s success to the community and his life achievements

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most prominent people in Malaysia. He is named as a philanthropist, a motivational speaker as well a successful entrepreneur. He is also named among the top fifty philanthropists in his community. Well his success was not just easy although he came from one of the middle-class families in his city. He went to Landon School of Economics where he earned his undergraduate degree in social economics. Like a typical graduate, he had to spend some time working for some other people to make a living as it is sometimes hard to directly get a formal job after school.

He worked in the construction work and other minor jobs. It is after this that he decided to go back to school and study for his master’s degree from the University of Southern Illinois where he attained his MBA. He also worked as an information system engineer for a significant number of companies for many years in North America after which he went back to his home country of Malaysia. Due to his knowledge about binary system marketing, he was able to get an excellent opportunity to work with Cosway Group that wanted to start its marketing operations in Philippines.

Besides, he also decided to form his company known as the MLM Company which is an E-commerce company that deals with luxury products, telecommunications, media, travel and corporate investments. The company grew under Vijay Eswaran’s, and today it has more than ten branches in different countries.

After experiencing a lot of success, Vijay Eswaran decided to write a lot of books about his life to motivate other people who would love to pursue their success as he did. He has written and published a significant number of books for example, ‘in the thinking zone,’ ’18 stepping stones’, ‘on the wings of thought’ among others.

Also, Vijay Eswaran is also a philanthropist who is dedicated to giving back to the community. Through his MLM Company, he has launched some charitable institutions such as Vijayaratnam foundation which he named after his father’s name, RHYTHM foundation which is a charitable arm of his company among other philanthropies.

Architect, CEO

Architect Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) EVP and CEO, is being awarded by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. He will be receiving the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

Robert Ivy will be the first architect to receive this prestigious award. This award is only awarded to those artists and art patrons who are some way connected to Mississippi. This Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is given to people who either make, perform or support an extraordinary body of art work. There has only been a few Mississippians that have garnered this award: Eudora Welty, Morgan Freeman,Shelby Foote, Walter Anderson and Leontyne Price.

CEO Robert Ivy has been given the recognition as being an architect from Mississippi that creates architecture like none other. He is not only an architect. He is also a writer and commentator of architecture all around the world. He took his rightful place with his award amongst other writers, artists, actors and people in general who have an appreciation for his architecture work.

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Robert Ivy has received other achievements acknowledging his work for his architecture. The Master Architect award was granted to him from the National Architecture Fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. In 2017, the architect received the Dean’s Medal from the Jones School of Architecture from the University of Arkansas.

Before Robert Ivy was a successful architect and being awarded by numerous institutes, he was a young man in college tracing his dreams. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. He then went onto attending Tulane University. It was here that he received his Master of Architecture. Even before becoming an established architect, the young man was an officer in the navy.

Robert has an extensive work history. He was formerly Editor-in-Chief at McGraw Hill. He lead the architecture department of the company. Under the leadership of Robert, the company became widely known. The architectural journal was awarded many awards for its content covering architecture. The journal even won the prestigious National Magazine Award. Robert also lead the company while it was undergoing new construction in China where he also launched another architectural journal in Mandarin and for the Middle East.