A legendary band drummer, Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi was a member of the group Viper, a Brazilian teenager melodic metal band from South America. He played drums for the group. The group was active in the 80’s and 90’s. They mainly specialized in rock and pop genres which played speed and Heavy Metal kind of music. Soldiers of Sunrise was their first album.

Over two decades ago, their band was seen as strange as there were no tours to promote their music, more so, they were just seen as boys. They were not concerned about making their music as a career or for financial gains; they were happy to have a chance to play and record an album and to have their names printed on a vinyl record label as well as on the back cover of the record. Their first album Soldiers of Sunrise jump started them from one level to another. That’s when their concerns of music as a career started and the need for professionalism.

The Viper band comprised of five members, Cassio Audi on the drums, Andre Matos the lead singer, Yves Passarell the lead guitar, while the rhythm guitar was handled by Felipe Machado and Pit Passarell, dealt with bass guitar.

Cassio Audi and other members of the group arranged anniversary shows in their hometown, Sao Paulo, to celebrate their first album. The shows were huge; they played huge festivals. They had an excellent video team working for them in that event; it is registered both on video and audio.


Currently, Cassio Audi and the Viper members are friends. It’s a long-time relationship, since they were teenagers, so it is something that cannot be broken easily. The anniversary helped them to celebrate themselves.

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