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Ara Chackerian a co-founder of a number of health care companies including PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics and TMS Health Solution. he has a B.S in marketing from Florida State but he is heavily involved in philanthropic pursuits but he has succeeded in business world. He is well known for his experience in health care and community related philanthropic endeavors. His goals is to bridge the gap between the technology and the health care services. His interest in environment has made him come up with a farm- Limonapa Teak which ensures the local environment is not spoilt. He has his latest venture on TMS Health Solution.

According to Ara Chackerian his interest in building out-patient diagnostic radiology which is a new device based on treating depression known as transcranial magnetic stimulation. His vision was to create a care delivery service which will enable patient and physicians achieve their desires in terms of both experience and treatment. His research into technology and treatment made him realize the potential of TMS since patient are really struggling with depressive disorder since there is little awareness and access to treatment. His attention is on telemedicine and digital assisted healthcare apps. For instance, algorithms can be used to monitor a depressed person to assess deterioration and improvement in one’s behavioral change.

According to Ara Chackerian, talented people and bright minds are well known in technology sector since they develop future solution for economic and social awareness. Mostly, they are young student or individuals trying to excel in technology world. Those venturing in technology world mostly find themselves under stress which result to mental health problem known as ‘founder’s blues’ and as a result a number of suicide cases occurs, this is according to a research from university of California. Everyone want to find new idea before their competitor come to know about it. They have a lot of expectation place upon them but receive low funding for their project. Companies that deal with technology has to pay attention to mental health of their employees.

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