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Financial Expert David Giertz Discusses Importance Of Social Security In Retirement

David Giertz, the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors, recently had a sitdown interview with Veronica Dagher of the Wall Street Journal. The interview focused on how most financial advisors don’t talk to their clients about social security. Giertz said this is a huge mistake on their part due to two main factors; the importance social security plays in retirement and because of client retention issues on

A survey on that David Giertz’s company recently completed shows that most people will switch financial advisors if theirs doesn’t discuss social security with them. Just from a retention standpoint it’s thus very important to do so, however, most financial advisors don’t because of the sheer complexity of social security rules means that they don’t feel confident about the issue at The second main point that Giertz made is that as pensions increasingly don’t exist any longer social security payments make up a large part of most people’s retirement income – up to 40% for many retirees. Social security is too important to not discuss.

David Giertz has been with Nationwide since 1999. Prior to this, he worked for Financial Horizons Security Corporation for 4 years starting in 1989 and for 6 years he worked as a financial adviser at Citicorp Investment Services. David Giertz graduated from Millikin University with a degree in Business Administration and Management in 1986. In 2003 he earned his MBA in Business Administration and Management from the University Of Miami – School of Business.

As the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors David Giertz is responsible for the strategy and distribution of the company’s financial products including retirement plans, annuities, life insurance, mutual funds, and specialty markets. Their financial products are sold through banks, financial firms, and independent brokers and dealers.

Healthy Hair

What Makes WEN Hair Care By Chaz Unique?

WEN Hair Care by Chaz is an all natural, chemical free shampoo and conditioner that nourishes your hair. It replenishes the hair follicles leaving all types and textures healthy, glossy, strengthened, and shiny.

The continuous use of Wen Hair Care will definitely pay off in the long run making the hair lustrous, strong, silky and bouncy. Full of body, bringing dull, lifeless hair back to life.

Buying WEN Hair Care and including this product into your everyday lifestyle is an affordable luxury that is well worth its weight in gold. The cleansing conditioner gives the hair that much needed moisture balance to protect against daily wear and tear that hair goes through induced by the sun, climate, cold weather, pollution, hair color, and heating elements, such as flat irons and blow dryers.

I love the cleansing conditioner because it adds a much needed richness to my hair and softness that lasts all day derived from natural based ingredients. It gives me time to indulge and pamper my hair in the finest of salon quality products without blowing my bank account with the convenience of at home application.

WEN Hair Care is definitely a must have for women and men who take the care of their hair very seriously. Especially, Celebrities who are constantly in the spotlight, under bright lights, it tames frizzies, and keeps your hair vibrant, lively and pretty. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, whether on a first date or first interview that could change your life for the better. Having the right outfit is a plus, and accessories a must, but the most important part of the whole package is what is on top your head. Your hair can either make or break you, use WEN Hair Care and you will Win!

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Inamtes Have Easy Access To The Madison County Courier

The Madison County Courier is helping massive people in New York find attorneys for various issues in a quick amount of time. This online system is very simple to use, and it is one that all people can relate to on an everyday basis. There is another group of people that have been relating to this system as well, and they are inmates of local jails and state prisons.


Today, jails and state prisons are more technologically advanced than ever before. This means inmates now have access to computers and the Internet. Inmates have been using their Internet privilege to visit the Madison County Courier online system. All an inmate needs is five minutes before they are hauled of to court. Within these five minutes, an inmate can find an attorney to represent them; this even includes inmates with no money.


When the inmate gets to court, the attorney will be there, and the attorney will be ready to argue, having already known most of the facts about the case. This has caused court proceedings to move faster than usual. Moreover, this has led to inmates having to do less time behind bars. Many inmates end of getting an extra six months to two years for coming to court without a lawyer, some on several different occasions.


Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein wanted all people to have a fair opportunity when he created this online program. The people he had in mind also included inmates. Graduating top of his class, Attorney Goldstein represented many high-profile criminals. During this time, he observed how inmates with no money and no family were given more time on their sentence for having no lawyer when appearing in court.


Attorney Goldstein wanted to change this part of the system. His amazing online program is making a positive impact in the lives of inmates on a daily basis.


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Healthy Hair

WEN By Chaz Does In Fact Give You Hair To Be Confident About

Having hair you can be confident about is probably important to you because a bad hair day usually means a rough day at work or while out running errands around town. If you can’t decide on a conditioner and shampoo combination that works best for your hair, you should consider WEN by Chaz. While this product has certainly been aired on TV commercials – by paid actors, one user at had some good things to say about it as well.

The way this user describes WEN by Chaz is it softens and does its magic on hair the instant it’s applied in the shower. You also don’t have to worry about large strands of hair falling out when you use it and as soon as you’re done drying your hair you’ll notice a nice thick and shiny feel to it. The product’s only shortcoming is it has to be used daily to get the best results as opposed to skipping days, but you really can’t argue the results you get from using it.

The person behind this conditioner and shampoo brand is Chaz Dean, a photography enthusiast who loves giving people hair they can be proud of. He put his ideas for hairstyling to work at a cosmetology school he attended in Los Angeles, and while there he worked closely with a hair product company to design his own brand. After getting the rights to his brand he opened a salon where many celebrities come to get their hair done.

If you’re interested in buying the WEN by Chaz products you can find them at the company website, or and you can also purchase them from retail stores like Sephora. The products come in three distinct scents of lavender, sweet almond mint and pomegranate.

For more hair care tips, follow WEN on twitter.


Women in Business

Rising Recruitment Star Julie Zuckerberg

New York resident and New York Law School alumni, Julie Zuckerberg is a rising star in the field of Executive Recruitment. She presently serves as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank, where Zuckerberg works together with principals in the field of Private Wealth and Commercial Business, Global Technology, and Asset Management. She also guides Operations in the area of regional talent acquisition policies as well as the recruitment process improvements. In this role, Zuckerberg also works with Commercial and Private Wealth clients as well as Asset Management and GTO. Here she enhances client’s recruitment processes and talent acquisition techniques. She is an expert in the area of recruitment proficiency and action attracting the highest caliber of diverse talent.


Prior to her work as Deutsche Bank’s Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, Zuckerberg served as Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition Lead and Vice President of Deutsche Bank. In these roles, she worked to implement the most suitable tracking that included networking methods, internal mobility, and direct sourcing. Ms. Zuckerberg also had the lead in managing the complete hiring cycle for Managing Director and Director. She managed recruitment for Regional Management, Audit, Risk, Legal, US Compliance, Global Technology, Investor Relations, In-house Consulting, Finance, and Operations. She was keenly aware of the benefits of diversity and sought to recruit candidates who brought both superior skills as well as a personal range to the table.


Earlier in her career, Julie Zuckerberg worked for New York Life Insurance Company as a Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President at the company’s New York-based offices. Here she oversaw the agency’s hiring across the country in the area of experienced hire roles. In addition, Zuckerberg managed the recruitment process of recruiters, team project managers, and the outsourcing team.


Additionally, Ms. Zuckerberg functioned as Vice President and Executive Recruiter for Citi. Her responsibilities for Citi were vast and encompassed international talent sourcing including expatriate processes and international relocation, the mediation and expansion of multifaceted job offers, the arrangement of retained search firms including the selection of firms, fee negotiation, and vetting of candidates. Julie Zuckerberg also served as an advisor to senior business leaders on recruiting strategies. She was thorough and provided complete cycle hiring procedure for the positions of Director and Managing Director hires throughout Citi’s many holdings including Internet Office, Citi’s Consumer Bank, Citi Cards, and Marketing.


As evidenced in her numerous executive level positions, Julie possesses various work skills including talent acquisition, conflict resolution, interviewing skills, strategy, succession planning, applicant tracking, coaching, human resources, leadership, employee training, and systems. In addition to her study of Law at New York Law School, Zuckerberg studied philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College.


Julie Zuckerberg is a supporter of human rights, civil rights, and animal welfare. She is also interested in all types of technology, science. and various economic issues. Her hobbies include the arts, photography, technology, and running. Ms. Zuckerberg is presently located in Manhattan, New York and maintains several social network accounts.




Kevin Seawright; an entrepreneur of all time

Working for the public can be a tricky situation and if you do it well many people will love your work and appreciate what have accomplished. Not many people can work for the public and still succeed in the private sector.

It takes time, dedication and passion. Some authorities and programs are designed so as to make the lives of citizens bearable. It is important that citizens can concentrate on working and developing their nation because they have been given the service that they need to succeed in these endeavors.

Various agencies help the government in running things to ensure that citizens are in place. Without these companies, the government cannot work on its own to accomplish all these tasks. However, having talented people who can take up these positions and lead others makes things easier.

With the proper and careful location of resources, there will be a success of all organizations and citizens will also find life bearable. Regarding leadership, Kevin Seawright has been at the forefront. He has both worked for the organization and the government and knows all it takes to succeed in these areas. He has leadership skills because of the many leadership positions that he has held in the past. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

He is a man of many traits. However, he has specialized in project management and accounting. His career started when he began working with the government so as to serve the citizens.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has a strong background in education because he has a degree in leadership and also obtained an MBA degree from globally recognized institutions. He has been involved in many areas of leadership. For example, he leads the youth in sports where he acts as the coach.

Those who have ventured into business know of Kevin Seawright because he has at one point offered guidance to the firm. He has decided to continue working with the public and the private sector because he is passionate about his work. Now Kevin Seawright is tasked with different areas of ensuring development.

Because of his ability in leadership, Newark chose the talented man to lead them and show them the right direction. They knew with the experience that he has, he will lead them to achieve many things and their mission.


Event Planners

The Importance Of Finding The Right Event Planner For Your Next Big Event

For anyone who is planning to throw a big event in the near future, a competent, experienced event planner is a godsend. The right event planner will ensure that every detail of your event runs smoothly and will save you an enormous amount of stress as well as money.


However, finding the right event planner can be a challenge especially if you have never thrown an event before. That’s why we have made this step-by-step list in order to ensure that you can make the most informed decision when it comes time to hire a planner for your upcoming event.



  1. What is Your Objective?




  1. What Type of Planning Service Do You Need?


It’s important to know exactly what you need from your event planner. Do you need them to help you hire your vendors? Are you going to require them to handle the setting up of the room?


If you want to hire an event planning service that can provide all the services you need as well, use a company like Twenty Three Layers in New York City. Twenty Three Layers is a full-service planning company that will provide everything that you could possibly need for your event from catering and entertainment to creating a seating chart.


Twenty Three Layers can turn any event into a memorable experience whether it be a small, intimate dinner party or a large corporate picnic.



  1. What Is Your Budget?


You can’t meet with event planners until you have a general idea of your budget in mind. That’s because an event planner needs to know your budget before they can help you make any decisions.



  1. Which Planner Can Best Suit My Needs?


It’s important to interview a handful of planners in person so that you can ask them important questions and get a feel for their personality. You will be working very closely with your planner so it’s important that the chemistry is right.





With the right event planner, throwing an event doesn’t have to be a headache. This simple to-do list will ensure that you make the right decision.



Women in Business

How Doe Deere Turned Her Whimsical Imagination Into A Beauty Empire

Doe Deere, CEO and founder of whimsical cosmetics brand Lime Crime, currently has millions of Instagram followers who adore her for her uniquely outrageous style of maximum glitter and bright colors. For almost ten years, she has been working hard at building up her cosmetics company into what is now a global empire. Her iconic products sell out repeatedly and beauty bloggers covet her signature lipsticks.

Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York City as a child. Having always possessed an eye for the bright and colorful, Deere can vividly recall memories of trying on her mother’s makeup and posing in the mirror for hours. For a few years as a teenager, she ran a fashion brand on eBay where she sold her colorful deconstructed fashion creations.

Needless to say, Deere has always been a creative rebel. When she decided to launch Lime Crime back in 2008, she wasn’t looking to capitalize on current trends. Instead, she wanted to create a brand of makeup that matched her own rebellious aesthetic of in-your-face color.

Because Deere boldly decided to stick to her own unique creative vision, she instantly earned the loyalty and respect of countless beauty consumers who quickly snatched up Lime Crime products as soon as they hit the brand’s website. One of Deere’s first creations, the Unicorn Lipstick line, became an instant hit thanks to its variety of incredibly pigmented colors as well as its cute pink metallic tube adorned with unicorns.

Other Lime Crime products, like the Diamond Crushers line which gives lips a layer of intense iridescent glitter, continue to sell out regularly. Clearly, Deere’s decision to stick to her own vision has paid off. Today, other makeup brands copy Deere’s creations. However, what Lime Crime products offer in terms of quality is superior to its competitors as evidenced by product reviews and the posts of countless influential beauty bloggers.

When asked about her success, Deere credits her refusal to disobey her gut instincts. She has always stayed true to her vision and has insisted on doing things her way. Her intuition is her best asset as she tests products relentlessly to ensure superior quality and unique appeal.

By creating a world of make-believe out of her own imagination, Deere has given millions of other makeup enthusiasts permission to experiment with cosmetics in a way they never have before. Lime Crime encourages consumers to dive into a world of complete self-expression without reservation. Thanks to Deere’s influence, makeup has become more fun than ever.

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Doe Deere of Lime Crime: Colorful Innovative Make-Up for Women Who Live Unapologetically


Contributions of Mikhail Blagosklonny to Cancer Research and Anti-aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny holds a position as the chief editor of Cell Cycle and Oncotarget. He is an associate of other publications that focus on the treatment of cancer. He is known for his skills in therapy and biology of cancer. Mikhail is also on the editorial board of Cell Death and Differentiation. He is popular for his hypothesis in TOR which seeks to explore the relationship between cancer and aging. He has reportedly used Rapamycin on to a carry out his research. Rapamycin is a popular drug used to treat cancer. Mikhail has shown a considerable zeal and approach to finding the latest approach to cancer therapy.

The longevity of cancer treatment research on Oncotarget has seen him become labeled as one of the most passionate advocates of the Rapamycin research. His research on Oncotarget varies from molecular biology, cellular biology to several clinical investigations. He has researched in other sections such as drug resistance of healthy cells, tumor suppressors, cell cycle, and anticancer therapeutics.

Blagosklonny has a thorough understanding of the field of medicine. He earned his Medical Doctorate in the field of internal medicine on He later received a Ph.D. in the area of cardiology and medicine. He was able to attend the Russian Medical University and the First Pavlov Medical University. Blagosklonny’s experience in cancer research saw him become appointed as an associate professor of medicine at the New York Medical School. He held this position for some time in the year 2002 before earning a position as Senior Scientist at the Ordway Research Institute in Albany, New York. Blagosklonny was able to hold this position until 2009 before he became appointed as Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Institute of Cancer on

Blagosklonny has focused his research in the field of cancer and its therapies that protect cells from getting damaged. He is famous for his studies in the area of aging and coming up with anti-aging drugs. During his research on Oncotarget, he was able to hypothesize the working of the Rapamycin enzyme. The enzyme is popularly acclaimed for its positive effects in cancer treatment. He was able to see how the drug prolonged the lives of cells and therefore prevented aging.

Pahoa Aquifer, Waiakea

The Phenomenal Success of Waiakea Bottled Water

In the past several years, the bottled water company Waiakea has achieved phenomenal success. Waiakea has grown by 5,000 percent since its establishment in 2012. Since the company’s inception, the annual number of cases of bottled water sold has quickly risen from 2,304 to 122,400. The popularity and success of Waiakea water is attributable to several factors such as the company’s commitment to providing a product that is rich in health benefits in addition to being sustainably sourced.

According to PR Newswire, Waiakea’s water source is the Pahoa Aquifer located in Hawaii. Before reaching the aquifer, the water contained there originates as snowmelt and rainwater on the active volcano Mauna Loa. The water then passes through approximately 14,000 feet of volcanic rock on its way to the aquifer.

This process of passing through hardened lava enriches the water with minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, all of which are extremely beneficial for consumption. Additionally, the pH level of the water falls between 7.8 and 8.8, a naturally alkaline level that has numerous health benefits.

Forbes said that Waiakea water seeks to employ eco-friendly and sustainable methods for every aspect of collection and production of their bottled water. They take part in reforestation projects in the area around the Pahoa Aquifer, which is the source of their water. They also package their product in recycled bottles that are BPA free and require 85 percent less energy to manufacture than non-recycled bottles. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The company utilizes low emission shipping methods, and their bottling facility uses 33 percent renewable energy.

Waiakea’s charitable contributions also provide insight into their success. Consumers who buy Waiakea spring water can rest in the knowledge that their purchase helps to provide clean water to communities in Africa. For every liter of water they sell, Waiakea donates 650 liters of clean water to people in need.

As of 2015, the company had donated 500 million liters of clean water. Additionally, Waiakea’s partnership with a company called Pump Aid has enabled them to provide over 3,200 water pumps to African communities.

Waiakea provides a sustainably sourced, eco-friendly bottled water that holds numerous health benefits for consumers. These facts, combined with the company’s commitment to charitable initiatives, prompt more customers to purchase their water each year.

The success and growth of Waiakea Water since its founding in 2012 demonstrates that the modern consumer desires to support companies that focus on creating and distributing healthy, sustainable products while simultaneously using their profits to participate in projects of a humanitarian nature.