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Wes Edens The Role He Played for the Success of Fortress Investment Group

The problem with the financial markets these days is that they have gotten much harder to predict than ever before. The companies are spending millions on investment management to ensure their funds and investments are safe and can get them the returns they are hoping to get from it. The investments have to be made in a way that helps in getting the returns as expected in the long-run. The affluent individuals, as well as the multi-million and billion dollar enterprises, hire investment managers to take care of their finances in a well-planned and organized manner. The investment managers are well aware of the various investment options the market has to offer and which fund or the investment option would align with the end goals expected by the clients.

Among the many professionals out there, one name that you will continuously hear is that of Wes Edens, who is the Chairman and one of the founding members of the Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens had completed his studies from the Oregon State University from where he passed with a bachelor’s degree in finance and business administration. Soon after his graduation, he received a lucrative job at the well-known investment company, Lehman Brothers. After being a partner and also MD at the company, he left the company in 1993 after having worked there for six years. He then joined Blackrock Asset Inc and worked there for four years. In the company, Wes Edens was one of the partners and also rose to the position of the Managing Director.

Wes Edens soon realized that all of his knowledge of the financial industry is in vain if he keeps on working for other investment firms. It was then he decided to start his own firm, and so in 1998, he along with four other partners began Fortress Investment Group. The private equity company soon became one of the most successful investment companies in the country. It was also the first American private equity firm to get its place on the New York Stock Exchange, something that was never done before. Wes Edens has recently invested in an eSport recently after he purchased one of the team, FlyQuest that would compete in the League of Legends. He is just one of the owners to own such a team as he believes that it is something exciting and would offer some significant returns in the coming years.

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Wes Edens and The Concise Description of His Propitious Career at Fortress Investment Group

It is safe to say that a business leader always wants to offer the best that they have for the company they are running. They give their all. They risk being called splenetic, arrogant and harsh just to make the company they’re running stand out, thrive and reach a sustained level of success. One of today’s business leaders who show such dedication is Wes Edens, the private equity investor responsible for the growth, expansion and turbid but positive changes in the operations of Fortress Investment Group.

The Career at Fortress Investment Group

It’s better to start the description of Wes Edens’ career by saying that he is one of the principal partners that compose the founders of Fortress Investment Group since it was founded in 1998. The investment expertise of Edens was also recognized by The Wall Street Journal as a composite of a strategy involving contrarian bets and creative solutions that may appear controversial to other investment groups. The investment industry is filled with sinuous and occluded challenges that may escalate in areas that are hard to deal with, but with Wes Edens, they get the direction they need.One highlight of the progress timeline of Fortress Investment Group is the fact that it also became one of the first publicly traded firm that has reached a successful buyout status. The profundity of the challenges of doing this is so deep and difficult, but the skillset that Wes Edens has able to showcase for the company has really stamped a great mark for Fortress.

The Employees’ Engagement

Employees who don’t work in an environment that they love become depraved and uninspired in the most inveterate way. Fortunately, the employees at Fortress Investment Group are happy, fortunate and full of coalescing support and passion for the growth of the company with them. You can even read at the website some of the 5 star reviews that the employees say about the company, which include the statement that interns are learning from an elite group of people who can easily bring their expertise level up. It is also indicated that with the help of the people training the employees at Fortress, the workforce gets the boost they need to ensnare the really practical and creative ideas necessary for the company’s growth.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Supports Immigrants despite the Tussles

In countries where racial profiling is immense and perpetuated by top leadership, the immigrants get subjected to cruel treatments.

However, there are individuals who will stand with those whose rights are violated no matter the cost. Jim and Michael are such individuals who vowed to help the Latino attain their rights in America, no matter setbacks along their way.

Lacey and Larkin

Michael Lacey was born in Newark but moved to the US in the 1960s for his university studies in Arizona. Together with other students established Phoenix New Times to widen the scope of media coverage. He partnered with Jim Larkin in the business; Jim became responsible for the advertisement while Lacey was in editing.

The coverage explored not only political but also social issues which enabled their circulation to sprout thereby making it the best choice among other alternative newspapers. The two began to write against racial discrimination, they revealed how paper writers and editors were targeted by the grand jury. This is what set them into the hands of Joe Arpiao, Maricopa County’s Sheriff, who was totally against the penetration of immigrants.

Describing Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio is a famous Sheriff not only in Arizona but in the entire nation for being opposed to illegal immigration. His county Maricopa in Arizona contains many Latinos and Hispanics who are immigrants.

The sheriff and his office engaged in unlawful violation of the civil rights of these emigrants blaming them for the miseries in their society.As though he was heartless, Arpiao and his office targeted and detained Latino and Hispanic drivers and racially profiled them.

The Cases

The sheriff continued with the vice until 2011 when Murray, the U.S district court judge ordered him to stop the act. Despite the clear order, Arpaio intensified his profiling with claims that the order was unclear and that they incorrectly understood the terms. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

This triggered further judicial consequences where Judge Susan Bolton sentenced him for violating court orders together with his office. This was after he lost his seat as sheriff in the seventh attempt after having been in the seat for six terms.

Background Information on His Misconduct

Arpaio and his office not only profiled immigrants but also bounced back on those who criticized their conducts as vivid in the case of Phoenix when they incredibly revenged on Larkin and Lacey. Arpaio sent armed officers who arrested them and detained them separately; however, the voice of those who opposed the arrest was so loud that they were released promptly.

After the release, the duo engaged Arpaio in a stiff legal battle which they won in 2012 when the Court of appeal ruled against Arpaio terming the arrest unlawful. Maricopa County paid them $3.75 the two respecters of rights have used to start a foundation, the Frontera Fund, to support immigrants and boost groups that protect the rights of Latino and Hispanics.

Drawing Conclusions

Though president Trump has pardoned Arpaio, Larkin and Lacey have revived their energy greatly in the fight using journalism through FrontPage Confidential.

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Whitney Wolfe Is Named Person Of The Year

When Whitney Wolfe is asked about the term “feminist”, she will admit that she did not always like that term. However, she has had some experiences that have shown that the term fits her. For one thing, she is one of the women who refuse to be silenced. She is also someone who is willing to make sure that she succeeds on her own terms.

Whitney Wolfe has built her own business and has revolutionized her industry. She has created Bumble and has added extensions to it for women. One of the reasons that she has created Bumble is that she wanted to bring a platform of empowerment for women.

Read more: With Her Dating App, Women Are in Control

Women are not only able to approach men with Bumble, but they are also able to network with one another and build something positive without men. Bumble was configured to prevent men from initiating contact with women. Part of the reason behind this is that Whitney Wolfe has wanted to challenge an unwritten rule about dating. She has also recognized the support she had when she was going through her struggles. This recognition has led her to come up with a platform for women of like minds to meet one another as well. Then there is the extension that helps women network for business opportunities.

With all that she is doing for women, some might wonder what Whitney Wolfe thinks about men. The good news is that Whitney Wolfe is not a man hater. As a matter of fact, she has actually spoken to feminists warning them not to be so caught up in demonizing men that they also hurt the good men. Whitney Wolfe says that good men need to be recognized. This can not only improve relationships between men and women but may also show men the type of behavior that would be approved.

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Clay Hutson’s Exciting Journey in Music Industry

Clay Hutson is a gifted and qualified production manager as well as a live sound engineer. He provides services majorly in music production designs, monitor engineering, logistics management, rigging, stage management services, and show producer services. The services are budget friendly with a lot of creativity and innovativeness in them. Any role in managing events, music production, and music in general suits Clay Hutson.


Clay Hutson built his interest in music since he was young. Following his interests and passion, he pursued a degree in theater design at Central Michigan University and later enrolled for a master’s degree from Stephen M. Ross School of Business in Business Administration. Clay joined the entertainment business industry after his graduation where he served in different positions. He worked in positions such as a project manager and sound engineer. In as much as he travelled with sound teams like the Billy Graham’s sound team and some other corporate entertainment individuals, Clay Hutson finally ventured into the music industry. One of the most passionate thing in his time was the “rock and roll”. Fortunately, Clay landed into many jobs and as a result, he got exposure in sound engineering, management services, and live performances that became a cornerstone in building his business. Over time, he came to realize that he would do well as a sole entrepreneur in the music industry and achieve much success. It did not take long before his name became prominent in the industry due to his reliability and honesty at work. He shares more of insights through an interview with Inspirery.


Clay Hutson has made several trips in many countries through the exposure rendered to him through the job. He has had several accomplishments and he is the today’s designer for the Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, and the renowned Pink. At his free times, Clay enjoys having quality time with the family as well as working on designing projects. Sharing on how he ventured into his own business, Clay says that the earlier exposure and experience in sound engineering and live entertainment gave him a clue of how to go about it. He learned additional valuable skills from the positions that he held in the previous engagements and with such skills, he needed to detach himself from struggling companies to have his own. Clay’s source of income is from services he provides to clients in rigging, live production, and sound engineering. These entail production designs, management, stage management, and logistics. Through friends and the clients he handles, he gets more clients from their recommendations. Learn more:


Jose Hawilla and the Difficulties in Business

Brazilian businessman and company founder Jose Hawilla started his career in journalism, providing coverage on sports news and events. Hawilla later started down another career path- that of a company owner. Mr. Jose Hawilla founded the ad agency Traffic Group which s now operation internationally.



The road to a successful career in entrepreneurship is not easy or smooth in any way. It is peppered with inconspicuous battles and devastating headships. Still, it is one of the most attractive lines of work out there which has almost every single person asking themselves if maybe they should start a business. Check out




There is a reason however why not everyone is a business owner. It takes certain personality traits to manage the rigorous process of testing and developing a stable company. At the start of every business career, there is no or almost no reward. There is, however, an incredible amount of hard work that one needs to get down and do ins order to get anywhere.



One needs to be persistent, have stamina, and determination. The aspiring entrepreneur usually fails at the stage when there is no revenue but a large amount of work. Those who go through that part of the deal are faced with the uncertainty of how to sustain the company and take it further. It can be confusing as there are many things that require focus but the aspiring entrepreneur is unsure which one to focus on and how to do it on their own.



At that stage, one needs to be ready to spend their revenue and hire a helping hand. Doing everything on your own will not work out if the nature of your business requires more than one person.




It is important to keep an open mind and have the drive to learn from others. Being stubborn or self-centered or developing a pride that clouds your judgment is a sure way to lose everything you have built. Learn from others and ask for advice when you are uncertain. Try to develop and analytical way of thinking in order to identify what you could do next.


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High-Learning Opportunity Is Coming To Low-Income Families Thanks To Rocketship Education

Since 2006, Rocketship Education has been working to improve the world of education for underprivileged students around the country. John Danner and Preston Smith, Founders of Rocketship Education, had a single goal in mind when it came to schooling around the country and that is there are far too many students out there not getting a good education that they deserve. Today, Rocketship Education has schools around the country and they continue to spread into more communities each and every year. With an improved curriculum and technologies going into the teaching programs at Rocketship schools, students are bound to score high grades and build a foundation for success. All of this is offered to families with low-incomes as well since Rocketship Education doesn’t believe a good education should be limited access.

Since 2008, Rocketship Education has been making waves in the world of education and going through massive expansions. This is largely due to the great learning environments Rocketship schools provide at the elementary level. In the next few years, Rocketship has plans to open at least six more charter schools around the country as well. Rocketship Education schools offer more than the usual public schools out there, with improved curriculums and technology going into their teaching. Not only this, but Rocketship schools provide each student with their own tutors for one-on-one learning to ensure no one falls behind.

With various improvements to the budget over the years and continued funding from various donors out there, Rocketship Education is able to continue their growth and plans to spread and serve more students in communities around the nation. One of the biggest donors to the schooling project, today is Andre Agassi, who also founded his own charter school fund to support all sorts of educational programs. Rocketship Education has the funds to back their system and the leadership to continue growing effectively and efficiently while providing a better education to all students who can benefit from it. There is also no racial profiling or quotas at Rocketship Education schools, this way no one is rejected or selected simply because of race.

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Paul Mampilly Teaching People How to Make Money in Business

Businessman Paul Mampilly put a start to his career in 1991 by joining Wall Sreet. He was an assistant portfolio manager working for the vast Bankers Trust. Later, Mr. Paul Mampilly achieved several prominent positions at businesses such as Deutsche Bank and ING where his responsibilities included managing exorbitant accounts.

In 2006, Mr. Paul Mampilly took his career further as he was personally sought-after by the firm of Kinetics Asset Management. The company was worth about 6 billion dollars at the time. Mr. Paul Mampilly started managing the hedge funds of the vast corporation. One of his achievements at the job was bringing the assets of the corporation up to 25 billion. The company of Kinetics Asset Management was named “World’s Best” in the hedge fund category by the Barrons’s. During his tenure, Mr. Paul Mampilly brought the annual returns up to an average of 26 percent.

Mr. Paul Mampilly managed to bring that up by 76 percent and grew the investment up to 88 million. Those two years of time were during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. That was one of the most impressive feats in the career of Mr. Paul Mampilly, and many in his line of work associate his name with that achievement.

Years later, Mr. Paul Mampilly decided to change the direction of his career. Instead of working for the wealthiest people on Wall Street, Mr. Paul Mampilly started teaching the average person how to grow their wealth and learn to invest and work with stocks and other opportunities.

Up to date, Mr. Paul Mampilly is a part of the Banyan Hill Publishing where he contributes his articles on topics such as investments, wealth growth, stocks, moneymaking opportunities, business, different markets, and many others. Mr. Paul Mampilly has also developed several newsletters. The most popular one is his Profits Unlimited. He delivers several pages to his subscribers’ inbox filled with insights and guidance on moneymaking opportunities. It is one of the largest and fastest growing newsletters in his line of work.

Mr. Paul Mampilly started his life in a small Indian village. Over the course of his life, he has always considered his father to be his hero. He passed away when Mr. Paul Mampilly was at the age of 20. His father started working in Dubai as the city ad more to offer than Bombay which was the largest city in the country at the time.

His father started earning money, and Mr. Paul Mampilly was able to have a higher education. He took after his father seeing moneymaking opportunities and taking calculated risks in order to grow and develop not just in terms of wealth but as a person and in life. Extreme Fortunes by Paul Mampilly, 10,000% Marijuana Stock

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The Successor Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi At Banco Bradesco Has Just Announced

The search for the successor of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the current CEO of Banco Bradesco, is over. In an announcement made on Feb. 5, 2018, the Brazilian banking major announced that Octavio de Lazari Junior assume the executive leadership role of the firm from March 12, this year. The announcement made an end to more than four months of speculations regarding the expected names. Considering the market capitalization and market share of the banking firm in Brazil, every financial analyst and industry expert was eagerly waiting for the announcement, but the name surprised many.

Since Trabuco Cappi was appointed as the Chairman of the bank in October 2017, the bank management started its search for the new CEO. Per the banking regulations of Brazil, no executive can hold the offices of both Chairman and CEO of banks more than six months. Though Trabuco Cappi currently holds the role of CEO, he will hand over it to Lazari Junior on March 12, after the Board of Directors gives approval to the appointment of Lazari during its AGO meeting according to Afterwards, Trabuco Cappi will continue to serve the bank by giving direction and vision to it as the Chairman of its Director Board.

While communicating the changes of management, the bank confirmed the personal merits of both the executives and praised their involvement in maintaining an international stature for the banking firm in the recent years according to Lazari Junior who is aged at 54 is currently leading the insurance subsidiary of the bank, Bradesco Seguros Group, as its Chief Executive Officer. Though he assumes the new role in March, Lazari Junior will still hold the leadership of the insurance subsidiary. He earned his graduation in Economic Science from FEAS of Osasco and secured specialization in Marketing and Financial Strategies from FIA.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia substituto de Trabuco

While coming to the career of Lazari Junior, the journey started in 1978 as an office boy through an agency program. After few years, he became the agency manager. Since 1998, Lazari Junior started working in the credit department and became a director to corporate, SME, and retail segments of the business. In 2010, he was designated as the Department Director with responsibilities of Finances and Loans. Later, in 2017, he was moved to the insurance arm of the banking firm and appointed as its CEO. Lazari Junior is serving various governmental and professional industrial bodies such as ABECIP, Febraban, and more.

While coming to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, he was appointed as the CEO of the bank in the year 2009. He served various leadership roles in the bank and made numerous initiatives that changed the prospects of the firm in the recent years. Trabuco Cappi played phenomenal roles in many acquisitions that helped the company to expand its business share in the Brazilian banking market. He was behind the acquisition of the operations of HSBC in Brazil. Interestingly, Trabuco Cappi pushed the digital banking efforts of the bank with intensified campaigns. It helped the banking firm to ensure more than 50% of its customers start using digital banking options.



James Larkin – The Great Activists

James Larkin, the man whose Irish descent did not choose his path in life, rose to be one of the names that bore greatness of all time. Trade union movements in England were not a new thing. Neither was it in other countries like the United States of America.

Workers had learned the importance of their rights, and what to do in order to achieve them. However, one thing they lacked was resilience and boldness. These two traits are what made James Larkin one of the greatest leaders ever.

Born into poverty, James Larkin yearned while he was still a child to find a purpose for his life. He not only worked hard whenever he got a chance but also worked with all his heart because he did it for the people he loved. James knew that without family he would be nobody. He, therefore, did not wish his children growing up under the same conditions as he did.

He moved from the slums which had homed him for quite some time and went to the docks where he found employment. Learn more about James Larkin: and

His first job was that of a sailor. Sailing was not one of his great gifts, and neither was docking. But he had to do them all for survival. He knew that at the end of it all, his family would reap benefits of his hard work and persistence.

He then got himself involved with trade unionism when his socialism ideologies overwhelmed him. The National Union of Dock Laborers is where he first began his movement. He yearned to show the other trade unionists how much could be achieved with boldness in what they did. His courage is what got him kicked out of NUDL.

He then decided that he was not going to lie on his back and watch hi Irish mates being maltreated. He united them under the organization he gave the name ITGWU. He did not do it all by himself but was supported by his friend, James Connolly.

Together, they brought a lot of changes and also reaped many achievements. Despite the fact that both James Connolly and Jim Larkin died before they were old enough, their satisfaction with the work they had done was enough.