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5 Inspiring Ideas to Design Small Spaces

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Bigger isn’t always better! Filling up a huge bedroom or living room costs money. Sometimes, people also run out of ideas about how to settle on the arrangements of a large area. Small spaces are better in the sense that you don’t need plenty of furnishings or accessories to decorate them and tiny details can also make a big difference.

If your tiny apartment seems a bit off even after painting with your favorite colors or inexplicably cluttered despite putting everything away, these seven ideas can give you inspiration.

IMG 1Being a little bold is okay. 

Some people get confused over the concept of using dark and bright colors. While it’s risky to smear a small room with dark shades such as black, deep brown, or purple, you can always experiment with bold hues. It’s completely fine if you bring graphic prints, large-scale floral, leather materials, and colorful fabrics into your tiny living place. However, apply them on a small scale to avoid creating a busy and chaotic atmosphere. 

Say ‘no’ to dark colors.

 It’s a nice trick to create an exotic look in a large space but seems claustrophobic for a tiny room. It will feel like closing in on you if a place features dark wall colors and dark furnishings. A small place needs to be as open as possible. It is necessary to make it appear larger to create a comfortable feel. There’s no alternative to applying light colors on the walls, ceiling, and using neutral fabrics such as soft shades of gray, green, or blue. If there’s any window, keep it open and use a white or cream colored Roman shade to create a bright and airy feel.

Bring in pops of bright colors such as yellow, deep blue, or the warmth of wooden tone to save the ambiance from looking too clinical.

IMG 2Bring back interest with architectural details.

In the mission of keeping the walls bright and clutter-free, we often make a small space lifeless, almost sterile with crisp white color and an unadorned ambiance. In that case, architectural details such as wainscoting decorations can bring the lost charm back! Alex Moulding offered some modern styles that you can consider for your next home remodeling.

Although these features often seem suitable for larger rooms, wainscot can really define a pint-sized place and add visual interest to an otherwise plain background. Install beadboard wainscoting or board and batten panels and pair them up with chair rails, accessories, wall stickers, wallpaper, or something else to create some excitement. 

Stop dividing a room into multiple zones. 

Don’t create microzones in a small place because it will only make it look narrower and more congested. If it’s a living room or a bedroom, embrace the length and fit in one full-size sofa or a bed, respectively.

Don’t cram the bedroom with separate furniture pieces. Rather, bring in a multifunctional unit that can be used as a shelf, bookcase, and side table. Similarly, a large sofa with one or two chairs will be enough for the family room. You can use them for watching TV, reading books, or just sitting and chatting with others. 

IMG 3Save floor space with wall-mounted shelves.

 High-level floating shelves stretching from wall to wall looks great, adds to the storage option, and saves valuable floor space as you can mount them above other furniture pieces too. The vertical space, aka, the walls can add extra square footage to the dynamic of small room decoration. These hanging shelves are the best place to stash books and magazines and keeping small storage boxes. If you paint them in the same color of the walls, they will add an architectural detail and create a nicely cohesive, almost built-in look.

Decorating a small space is not tough, but many people get confused over what to keep and what to get rid of. These tips will give you inspiration for more ideas to dress up your tiny place. So, look at these again before rearranging the décor scheme of your pocket-sized house.


Getting to Understand Cameron Clokie, Ontario’s Reconstruction Surgeon

Crunchbase has it that Dr. Cameron Clokie is a serial entrepreneur, a scientist as well as a maxillofacial and oral surgeon. That aside, he is the founder and CEO of induce biologics a medical company that deals with the provision of innovative and focused solutions used for multi-skeletal reconstruction.

For over thirty years Dr. Clokie has been involved in clinical practice and academy dentistry. His dedication earned him the professor of maxillofacial and oral surgery before his retirement from academics.

He has made different publications both internationally and nationally in regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction. What’s more, he is a proud owner of over twenty-five international patents which has made it easier for him to make strategic partnerships with different businesses around the world.

Clokie reconstruction surgery has had a tremendous impact on patients who have been part of this procedure.

In fact, the surgery takes advantage of a protein that can re-design an adult stem cell into a bone tissue. The procedure can also reset the jaws skeletal clock which makes it easier for the coaxing bones to grow just like a newborn. According to Dr. Clokie, his procedure is a significant step for researchers who are looking into the new development in tissue regeneration.

The methods used in today’s reconstruction surgery are painful since they involve stealing muscle, fat, and bone from one portion of the body and filling gaps in another.

In one of the conferences hosted by Clokie, he explores the effectiveness of his procedure by comparing a case of two patients who underwent reconstruction surgery using different methods.

One of the patients Ms.McFarlane had to undergo an intensive 19-hour operation which left her admitted for two weeks in a hospital. She is also scheduled to go for a second surgery in which surgeons are expected to use her hip bone to reconstruct her mandible before false teeth can be implanted.

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The Mercurial Rise Of Lori Senecal

For Lori Senecal, Global CEO at Crispin Porter and Bogusky, it is no complicated task to identify the foundation of her success. When posed with this question, Lori readily states that the successes of her older siblings porvided her with the motivation to seek higher goals for herself.

Lori’s Climb To The Top

Lori obtained a bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing then immediately began her quest to parlay her education into a successful career. In 2003, Lori launched Tag Ideation, a young adult marketing marketing firm. Lori’s ability to manage and market multinational accounts along with her grasp on data analytics made her a force in the industry. Lori has worked with some the globe’s top brands. Among them: Staples, Nestle, Xbox, Nabisco, Sprint, Applebee’s and the list goes on. Additionally, Lori served as Coca Cola’s Global Account Director and from 2005 to 2008 she performed the duties of Chief Marketing Officer for DDB World Wide Communications Group.

Lori never rested on her laurels and her career continued to grow. In 2009, Lori Senecal became President, Chief Executive Officer, and partner with Kirshenbaum Bond And Partners.

In the years 2014 and 2015 Lori served as Director and Chief Executive Officer for MDC Partners Incorporated. And in March of 2015 Lori Senecal became Worldwide Chief Executive Officer for Crispin Porter and Bogusky. Check out Adweek to know more.

Lori’s Endless Talent

In addition to the obvious talent Lori has displayed in leadership throughout her storied career she has impressed in many other ways. Lori has demonstrated a high level of expertise in advertising, integrated marketing and digital strategy. She has also used her well-developed understanding of E-commerce to provide brand architecture for many projects. Lori has worked with others to provide creative direction and the how-to in developing and actualizing new business ideas. Her advice to employees is to create the the career of your dreams. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Campaignlive, Lori Senecal’s passion for entrepreneurship has led to her becoming a mentor to young business-minded individuals. She has helped with the incubation of many start-ups and in 2014 co-founded the Isaac Award Organization whose sole stated purpose is to honor and celebrate inventions from students.

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Contribution of Betsy Devos to Our Education and Governance

Betsy DeVos was born on January 8, 1958. She is a politician, businesswoman and the current Secretary of education in the United States. DeVos is known for her support of school voucher programs, charter schools, and school choice. The politician is a member of the Republican Party and served as Michigan’s Republican National Committeewoman from 1992 to 1997. She has also chaired the Michigan Republican Party between 1996 and 2000, and later on reelected to the position in 2003.


DeVos has served as an advocate of the charter school system in Detroit. She is a board member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Additionally, she has chaired the board of the Action Institute and the Alliance school of choice. On November 23, 2016, she was named by the then president-elect, Donald Trump as the nominee to serve as the secretary of Education. On January 31, her nomination was approved on a party-line vote by the Senate committee on health, education, labor, and pension. On 7th February, the Senate confirmed the politician by a 51-50 margin, with the vice president breaking the tie in her favor.


DeVos is known for her involvement in philanthropy. Her Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation was established in 1989, and faith motivates its giving. The foundation majors on cultivating leadership, accelerating transformation and leveraging support for education, arts, community, administration, and justice. In 2015 alone, the foundation made charitable contributions of $11.6 million. Her family was ranked on the 2015 Forbes list of America’s top givers.


DeVos has served as board member, treasurer, and chairperson of the action institute. Additionally, she was listed on IRS Form 990s for many years as the vice president of the Prince Foundation. In 2004, she was appointed to the board of directors of the Kennedy Center by President George W. Bush, a position she served until 2010. During this period, DeVos and her husband established a center where boards of directors and arts managers were taught how to manage and fundraise for their cultural institutions. In 2010, the couple jointly donated $22.5 million to continue the endeavor named DeVos Institute of Arts Management.


DeVos has also participated in Education activism. In 2001, she listed the efforts in education activism and reform as a means by which God’s kingdom would be advanced. She also believed in using education to encourage the proliferation of charter schools and the establishment of private schools via financial assistance programs, otherwise known as vouchers. DeVos believes that opening up the education market offers increased choice to parents.


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Architect, Organization

The American Institute Of Architects: Women In The Field And The Levels Of Membership

The American Institute of Architects was founded in 1857 and is currently headquartered in Washington D.C. The main goal of the organization is to promote the use of architecture throughout the United States. The group also works hard to maintain high standards for its ninety-six thousand members and keep a positive public image of the industry as a whole.

First and foremost there are five levels of membership in this organization. The first level is called Architect Members. This allows members to practice architecture with the help of a licensing authority in the United States. The second level of members is called the Associate Members. These are folks that are working with an authority to help them master the craft of architecture and are not licensed. The third level is called International Associate Members. These are members of the organization that hold a valid architecture license outside of the United States, depending on which country they are from. the fourth level of members in this group are called Emeritus Members. These are members that have one of three things. First, they are sixty-five years old or older. Second, the member has been part of the organization for fifteen consecutive years or finally, the member has been deemed no longer worthy to work in the profession. The final level in this group is called Allied Members. These are folks that belong to the group because their profession in one way or another is related to architecture. Examples of people belonging to this group are landscape architects, engineers, architectural planners, and high ranking staff from other building and design related industries.

While the organization continues to thrive in some areas the organization could look to enlisting more women to the AIA. Even though the world of architecture has been dominated by men in recent years, women are starting to break through the glass ceiling when it comes to assumptions about who can do architecture. One such example in the industry is Yen Ha of New York. She is one of the top architects at Front Studio Architects. While women have made strides in the world of architecture the percentage of women in the field and other positions in the industry has hardly budged from twenty-four percent.

The American Institute of Architects has been a male-dominated industry but women are catching up. It is becoming a more even playing field for all involved.

Architect, CEO

The Career And Remarkable Achievements Of Architect Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the Executive VP and the CEO of American Institute of Architects. He was born in Mississippi, USA and pursued Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s in architecture from the University of Sewanee and Tulane University respectively. Before Robert joined hands with AIA, he was a publishing executive and VP of McGraw-Hill Construction and the chief editor of Architectural Record.

Robert Ivy served in various fields for approximately 20 years. At the editorial desk, he oversaw 33 publications within architecture; 17 on digital media and 16 on print media. His services at the editorial desk made him win several accolades such as the G.D Crain Award due to his contribution to the business media in the year 2009. He was likewise referred as the Master Architect by the Alpha Rho Chi in 2010. Consequently, the duties and accomplishments of Robert Ivy in the industry are prevalent. Through his contributions, he has earned a great position in the community for his works, and this is not in question.


The American Institute of Architects has central facilities in Washington DC, New York. The role of this association is to represent the experts in the architecture business. Robert took the CEO role for his productivity in featuring matter influencing this industry while continuing with editorial work at McGraw Hill. One imperative thing noticed that he never stopped after reaching the ranks of that association. And that is the place he has acquired all the influence. Now, with the new responsibility, he is in a position to impact the way the business takes in future. Since he joined the high position, he has been working in bringing back the lost glory. The effect of architecture work should be felt in the general public we live in. Robert would like architects to play & utilize their knowledge in establishing a better society. Thus, his legacy leaves the association as a better place compared to how he found it.

The McGraw-Hill Construction Media included Architectural Record, SNAP, Sweets, GreenSource, HQ Magazine, Constructor, and Sweets. He also continued his studying at Sewanee where he graduated with Bachelors of Arts in English. Since 1996 while working with the Architectural Record, he has become one of the most read & architectural journals around the globe. In the year 2001, Robert Ivy’s memoir was published and also titled Fay Jones: Architect. The book is a grandstand of Frank Lloyd Wright’s student architect and is presently in its third version. The book was broadcasted as the most astounding models of design, scholarship, and production by the Art Library Society of North America.

For more information about Robert Ivy, just click here.


Advocates For Civil Rights

When discussing human rights, civil rights, and migrant rights, there are many different perspectives on which is right and which is wrong. Everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinion, but some feel as if their opinions don’t matter. That is what these special organizations are for, to speak up for those who feel like minorities don’t have say to their own rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

A special group designed to help those in need is, The Advocates for Human Rights! They try to implement human right standards and promote a civil society that must enforce those rules.

Some of the programs that this organization is interested in serving or has served in the past are, Women’s Human Rights, International Justice, Immigrant Rights, and Human Rights Research. The purpose of helping all these individual groups is so they all can individually seek freedom and justice. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Many things have been changing with laws and health insurance policies due to our new president. He’s caused a lot of stress and fear because people are losing their rights to stay in The United States where they have been for ages!

Not only that, but there is a huge protest going on between sports teams and our president. A selective amount of athletes have started a trend of kneeling down during the National Anthem. The president was not fond of this and said they needed to be fired if it continued.

If we were to get technical, it’s not a crime to kneel during the National Anthem and it is a peaceful protest. Athletes of color feel as if they still don’t have the basic human and civil rights as other individuals. Until this issue can be resolved, there will be many more peaceful protests that continue onward.

Another popular organization known for funding money towards migrant rights, is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The money they use to fund migrant rights is money they received from a settlement back in 2007. The two co-founders were taken from their homes and placed in jail for revealing confidential information.

Just like any other rights movement organization, Lacey and Larkin wanted to make an impact, a change for the better. Some minority groups can’t do it all on their own, and that’s when these two heroic men stepped up to the plate. They wanted to see better justice, better freedom, and a better quality of life for individuals!

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Securus Technologies Fights Crime

I will always give my business to a company who also engages and social entrepreneurship. The reason I do this is because those companies are using their product to make our world a better place. One such company who is doing this is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has committed itself and its products to ending inmate on inmate crime. Using advanced technology, they are able to monitor and control the contraband phones that many inmates have. This stops inmates from communicating with those outside, and also stops them for planning how the hurt other inmates inside the jail cell.


Nearly 2,400 correctional facilities use Securus Technologies. Each correctional facility that uses Securus Technologies has reported that morale amongst the police force is higher than it has ever been. This is because Securus Technologies makes him feel safer, better able to handle situations, and makes tracking down crimes much easier.


Securus Technologies plans to continue growing in the future. The company started in the year 1986 in the state of Texas. Since then though, they have grown to have offices in Dallas, Allen, and Carrollton, Texas, as well as Atlanta Georgia.


Securus Technologies utilizes there 1,000 people workforce to produce great technologies that are better able to handle public safety concerns, investigations,corrections, and monitoring of crime. Securus Technologies has put such an emphasis on research and development, they are able to produce a brand new product every week. This is the direct result of investing over 600 million dollars into this department. Such investing has been able to produce new initiatives such as the Wireless Containment Solutions and Cell Defender.


After partnering with Harris Corporation in 2016, Securus Technologies has seen business go up dramatically. It seems that they will continue being the leading company in this area for some time.


Education, School

Orange Coast College now has a new recycling center

Orange Coast College is a world-renowned college in California dedicated to helping students learn and to help the environment. Recently the university has announced that they are building a new recycling center on campus to provide jobs, boost the local economy, and to help the surrounding environment by recycling ordinary substances that would usually go into the trash. Students will have the opportunity to learn how the green process works and how recycling works. With solar panels being used to power the new recycling center, students will have the opportunity to interact with green energy and see how it works on a daily basis. This center will provide a lot of new jobs to local residents and a boost to the local economy because of all the newly produced recycled good that companies in southern California will be able to buy from the Orange Coast College recycling center.



Founded in 1947 Orange Coast College is a primer university based in southern California, not far from beautiful beaches. There are 35 academic and career programs, including one of the nation’s largest and most acclaimed public nautical programs. Orange Coast College offers fall, winter, spring, and summer classes and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Many students come here to learn environmental studies and how to postivilayy impact the environment surrounding them. Learn more:


In addition to its new recycling facility powered by green energy, Orange Coast College is an impactful university in SOuthern California, being a driver for clean energy and delivering skilled workers and thinkers to the local economy surrounding the college. The new recycling facility will provide jobs while protecting the environment. Orange Coast COllege and is a great school, teaching future leaders while protecting the environment from plastics and various other substances that will harmfully impact the California environment and the Earths environment. Learn more:


National Community Stabilizing Trust

Enabling and improvement of home ownership by RPS Solutions

Construction, acquisition, and ownership of homes have never been an easy task. The Baltimore Community has for a very long time struggled with the difficulty to go about raising funds for home constructions, and even buying of real estates. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

To provide solutions, the RPS Solutions agglomerated with the National Community Stabilizing Trust NCST to create an enabling environment for the Baltimore residents. Primarily, this association focuses on ensuring that the citizens are provided with a means of finding it easier to own homes within the location.

Kevin Seawright reported that RPS Solutions is proud to publicize its association with the NCST to ensure that there is an improved rate of homeownership within Baltimore and its environs. One of the key ways to achieve this is as reported by Kevin, is by boosting the local economy. There are some barricades that in most cases make it hard for residents to acquire new homes, the partnership promised to work closely to ensure that such blockades are withdrawn so that many people can be able to afford homes without undergoing long and complicated processes.

RPS Solutions LLC was founded by Kevin Seawright back in 2015. The primary goal was to make sure that that the affordable home market is tackled accordingly.

Since then, Kevin and his team members have been working tirelessly with the aim of helping the residents in Baltimore, MD not to feel the weight of making sure that they own private homes.

RPS Solutions LLC does accomplish its main objectives by constructing affordable homes and selling them out to the residents. One of its main goals is to make sure that there are as many home owners in Baltimore as possible. It has so far been performing well since many residents now reside in private homes; courtesy of RPS Solutions.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright, being a professional in Accounting and Project management, he has built an excellent reputation around his name. He served in the local government, education and real estate development in Washington, DC, before relocating to his present residence, New Jersey.