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The Career And Remarkable Achievements Of Architect Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the Executive VP and the CEO of American Institute of Architects. He was born in Mississippi, USA and pursued Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s in architecture from the University of Sewanee and Tulane University respectively. Before Robert joined hands with AIA, he was a publishing executive and VP of McGraw-Hill Construction and the chief editor of Architectural Record.

Robert Ivy served in various fields for approximately 20 years. At the editorial desk, he oversaw 33 publications within architecture; 17 on digital media and 16 on print media. His services at the editorial desk made him win several accolades such as the G.D Crain Award due to his contribution to the business media in the year 2009. He was likewise referred as the Master Architect by the Alpha Rho Chi in 2010. Consequently, the duties and accomplishments of Robert Ivy in the industry are prevalent. Through his contributions, he has earned a great position in the community for his works, and this is not in question.


The American Institute of Architects has central facilities in Washington DC, New York. The role of this association is to represent the experts in the architecture business. Robert took the CEO role for his productivity in featuring matter influencing this industry while continuing with editorial work at McGraw Hill. One imperative thing noticed that he never stopped after reaching the ranks of that association. And that is the place he has acquired all the influence. Now, with the new responsibility, he is in a position to impact the way the business takes in future. Since he joined the high position, he has been working in bringing back the lost glory. The effect of architecture work should be felt in the general public we live in. Robert would like architects to play & utilize their knowledge in establishing a better society. Thus, his legacy leaves the association as a better place compared to how he found it.

The McGraw-Hill Construction Media included Architectural Record, SNAP, Sweets, GreenSource, HQ Magazine, Constructor, and Sweets. He also continued his studying at Sewanee where he graduated with Bachelors of Arts in English. Since 1996 while working with the Architectural Record, he has become one of the most read & architectural journals around the globe. In the year 2001, Robert Ivy’s memoir was published and also titled Fay Jones: Architect. The book is a grandstand of Frank Lloyd Wright’s student architect and is presently in its third version. The book was broadcasted as the most astounding models of design, scholarship, and production by the Art Library Society of North America.

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Advocates For Civil Rights

When discussing human rights, civil rights, and migrant rights, there are many different perspectives on which is right and which is wrong. Everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinion, but some feel as if their opinions don’t matter. That is what these special organizations are for, to speak up for those who feel like minorities don’t have say to their own rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

A special group designed to help those in need is, The Advocates for Human Rights! They try to implement human right standards and promote a civil society that must enforce those rules.

Some of the programs that this organization is interested in serving or has served in the past are, Women’s Human Rights, International Justice, Immigrant Rights, and Human Rights Research. The purpose of helping all these individual groups is so they all can individually seek freedom and justice. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Many things have been changing with laws and health insurance policies due to our new president. He’s caused a lot of stress and fear because people are losing their rights to stay in The United States where they have been for ages!

Not only that, but there is a huge protest going on between sports teams and our president. A selective amount of athletes have started a trend of kneeling down during the National Anthem. The president was not fond of this and said they needed to be fired if it continued.

If we were to get technical, it’s not a crime to kneel during the National Anthem and it is a peaceful protest. Athletes of color feel as if they still don’t have the basic human and civil rights as other individuals. Until this issue can be resolved, there will be many more peaceful protests that continue onward.

Another popular organization known for funding money towards migrant rights, is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The money they use to fund migrant rights is money they received from a settlement back in 2007. The two co-founders were taken from their homes and placed in jail for revealing confidential information.

Just like any other rights movement organization, Lacey and Larkin wanted to make an impact, a change for the better. Some minority groups can’t do it all on their own, and that’s when these two heroic men stepped up to the plate. They wanted to see better justice, better freedom, and a better quality of life for individuals!

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Securus Technologies Fights Crime

I will always give my business to a company who also engages and social entrepreneurship. The reason I do this is because those companies are using their product to make our world a better place. One such company who is doing this is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has committed itself and its products to ending inmate on inmate crime. Using advanced technology, they are able to monitor and control the contraband phones that many inmates have. This stops inmates from communicating with those outside, and also stops them for planning how the hurt other inmates inside the jail cell.


Nearly 2,400 correctional facilities use Securus Technologies. Each correctional facility that uses Securus Technologies has reported that morale amongst the police force is higher than it has ever been. This is because Securus Technologies makes him feel safer, better able to handle situations, and makes tracking down crimes much easier.


Securus Technologies plans to continue growing in the future. The company started in the year 1986 in the state of Texas. Since then though, they have grown to have offices in Dallas, Allen, and Carrollton, Texas, as well as Atlanta Georgia.


Securus Technologies utilizes there 1,000 people workforce to produce great technologies that are better able to handle public safety concerns, investigations,corrections, and monitoring of crime. Securus Technologies has put such an emphasis on research and development, they are able to produce a brand new product every week. This is the direct result of investing over 600 million dollars into this department. Such investing has been able to produce new initiatives such as the Wireless Containment Solutions and Cell Defender.


After partnering with Harris Corporation in 2016, Securus Technologies has seen business go up dramatically. It seems that they will continue being the leading company in this area for some time.


Education, School

Orange Coast College now has a new recycling center

Orange Coast College is a world-renowned college in California dedicated to helping students learn and to help the environment. Recently the university has announced that they are building a new recycling center on campus to provide jobs, boost the local economy, and to help the surrounding environment by recycling ordinary substances that would usually go into the trash. Students will have the opportunity to learn how the green process works and how recycling works. With solar panels being used to power the new recycling center, students will have the opportunity to interact with green energy and see how it works on a daily basis. This center will provide a lot of new jobs to local residents and a boost to the local economy because of all the newly produced recycled good that companies in southern California will be able to buy from the Orange Coast College recycling center.



Founded in 1947 Orange Coast College is a primer university based in southern California, not far from beautiful beaches. There are 35 academic and career programs, including one of the nation’s largest and most acclaimed public nautical programs. Orange Coast College offers fall, winter, spring, and summer classes and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Many students come here to learn environmental studies and how to postivilayy impact the environment surrounding them. Learn more:


In addition to its new recycling facility powered by green energy, Orange Coast College is an impactful university in SOuthern California, being a driver for clean energy and delivering skilled workers and thinkers to the local economy surrounding the college. The new recycling facility will provide jobs while protecting the environment. Orange Coast COllege and is a great school, teaching future leaders while protecting the environment from plastics and various other substances that will harmfully impact the California environment and the Earths environment. Learn more:


National Community Stabilizing Trust

Enabling and improvement of home ownership by RPS Solutions

Construction, acquisition, and ownership of homes have never been an easy task. The Baltimore Community has for a very long time struggled with the difficulty to go about raising funds for home constructions, and even buying of real estates. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

To provide solutions, the RPS Solutions agglomerated with the National Community Stabilizing Trust NCST to create an enabling environment for the Baltimore residents. Primarily, this association focuses on ensuring that the citizens are provided with a means of finding it easier to own homes within the location.

Kevin Seawright reported that RPS Solutions is proud to publicize its association with the NCST to ensure that there is an improved rate of homeownership within Baltimore and its environs. One of the key ways to achieve this is as reported by Kevin, is by boosting the local economy. There are some barricades that in most cases make it hard for residents to acquire new homes, the partnership promised to work closely to ensure that such blockades are withdrawn so that many people can be able to afford homes without undergoing long and complicated processes.

RPS Solutions LLC was founded by Kevin Seawright back in 2015. The primary goal was to make sure that that the affordable home market is tackled accordingly.

Since then, Kevin and his team members have been working tirelessly with the aim of helping the residents in Baltimore, MD not to feel the weight of making sure that they own private homes.

RPS Solutions LLC does accomplish its main objectives by constructing affordable homes and selling them out to the residents. One of its main goals is to make sure that there are as many home owners in Baltimore as possible. It has so far been performing well since many residents now reside in private homes; courtesy of RPS Solutions.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright, being a professional in Accounting and Project management, he has built an excellent reputation around his name. He served in the local government, education and real estate development in Washington, DC, before relocating to his present residence, New Jersey.



Explore the State of Israeli-U.K Trade During Daniel Taub’s Tenure

For the four years that Daniel Taub served as Israeli’s ambassador, both the United Kingdom and Israel experienced deepened business, cultural, and academic ties. According to a statement released by Israeli embassy, the trade rate between the two nations doubled.

In fact, Sajid Javid, the state for British business secretary in charge of innovation and skills confidently said that operations between the countries had entered a golden era.

The commerce chamber of Israel-Britain noted that over 300 Israel businesses had been started in the U.K within that period, which was an incredible move. According to a report made by Javid, the annual bilateral trade figure was approximated to around $7 billion.

Some Personal Details Concerning Daniel Taub

Mr. Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Great Britain. He enrolled in several universities and after his studies moved to Israel in 1989. Read more: Daniel Taub | About

He earned the position of a combat medic with Israel Defense Forces before starting his work with Israel Foreign Ministry in 1991. While serving in Israel, Daniel held significant positions in legal and diplomatic posts. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

The director of strategy and planning serving at Yad Hanadiv Foundation is also a specialist holding high-ranking positions in laws of war and counter-terrorism. You will be right if you call Daniel an agent of peace. In several occasions, he has been involved in peace-making processes where he helps countries negotiate agreements.

Strong Traits That Daniel Upholds

Mr. Taub is an assertive leader with a powerful voice of reason. He commits himself to meeting responsible groups giving them a good feeling to be under his leadership.

As well, his desire to bring U.K and Israel together is innate, hence the reason for pursuing it energetically. The charismatic man proved his ability when presenting his credentials to the queen for his first time.

Apart from dressing in a professional outfit, Daniel Taub also complimented his look with his kippah, a neat cut for his graying hair. As he retired from office as an ambassador, everyone concurred that Daniel had delivered his promises to the people.

Handling Demanding Responsibilities

Throughout his tenure, Taub had to brave several challenges and crisis. He always had to hold thoughtful discussions with like-minded authorities to find amicable solutions to various problems.

Thankfully, four years later people gathered from across Israel, U.K and beyond to celebrate an able leader, Daniel Taub. His dimension of faith also helped him a great deal in dealing with diverse communities.

Industry, Real Estate

The continued growth of the construction industry and how Aloha Construction is contributing to this.

After the election period, there has been a steady rise in the number of construction jobs this is based on the latest economic report indicating that there were 6000 new jobs created in the month of July as compared to those of the previous month of June.The industry is expected to see sustained growth as the final transition after the election comes to a close and with the government having promised to inject a trillion dollars into infrastructure development this industry can only continue growing.The industry has not been without some fair share of challenges the biggest one being access to experts and professionals in an area that continues to see increased regulations and expectations from clients who are now more exposed to international standards of doing things and thus requiring nothing apart from the best.

In order for a company in the industry to be named as having the professionalism and consistency, it has to abide by a given code of conduct as well as meet a certain degree of expertise and have the right people working for it.Construction companies continue endeavoring to meet this requirement and be part of an elite group able to compete with the best to this end several companies have been able to achieve this and one name that the industry keeps recommending is Aloha construction.Aloha construction is a specialist in roofing and has over the years been responsible for some of the biggest and most elegant sites in the country.

In the Midwest quality construction is always the most important aspect of any job and to date, Aloha construction has been able to complete more than eighteen thousand jobs in places like Bloomington, Libertyville, Lake Zurich only to mention but a few.Renovation is also a big part of Aloha construction they have been championing the safe renovation of homes and other spaces while emphasizing on meeting all the safety measures required during this time.they are especially keen on pets and ensure they experience minimal distractions during this period.when it comes to the provision of quality and professional services in Illinois, Aloha construction is always up to the task no matter how complicated it might seem.

HVAC Industry

Goettl Officially Declares the Acquisition of Walton’s

Goettl recently announced that it had acquired Walton’s Heating and Air. The HVAC firm, which is a family owned company, is based towards the outskirts of Southern California. Though the financial details involved in the transaction have not been revealed, the deal will allow Goettl to make a presence in the California market. The deal will also enable Walton to expand above what Todd Longbrake would have achieved on his own.

The History Behind the Contract

According to Todd Longbrake, he had developed the business as much as he would have managed. When Goettl expressed an interest in buying Walton in 2015, Longbrake was hesitant to jump on the opportunity. However, when Longbrake heard the reviews of other clients who had been involved with Goettl, he decided to try them out. The deal was sealed towards the middle of 2015. Longbrake says that since Goettl acquired Walton’s the company has grown ten-fold.

Longbrake will still be remained in the company and will serve the role of a field supervisor and sales manager. Goodrich, Goettl’s CEO has commended Todd for being assimilated into the company and becoming a leader in the organization. Check out business press to know more.

Goodrich refrained from making an announcement about the acquisition until earlier this week owing to operational complications. He said that he wanted to ensure everything was in order before giving the deal the “Goettl badge”. He was able to overcome the various hurdles throughout the transaction because he placed a lot of value on Walton’s. Goodrich confessed that the values and background of Walton’s was similar to that of his company. He added that even though Walton was stagnant when he proposed the deal, he was confident the company would grow. Visit for more.

Currently, Goettl has 306 employees. Following the acquisition, it is expected that the company will add 200 jobs, particularly in its largest markets in Phoenix and Tucson. According to Goodrich, the long-term goal of the company is expand into the markets of Northern California and Texas.

About Goettl

As a leader in the HVAC industry, Goettl has dedicated itself to shaping the heating and air conditioning industry for a long time. Goettl provides the best heating and air conditioning services in Arizona. The company’s commitment to its clients is unmatched. Apart from the series of custom homes, remodels, and commercial projects, Goettl has a long list of projects that have made it popular in the HVAC industry. Some of the projects Goettl has been involved in the Verde Sante Fe Golf Course project, Del Webb Cottonwood Ranch, and Mountain Gate.

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ADAC, Business Start Up

How Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have Empowered Activists in Arizona

Many human, civil, minority and immigrant rights advocates currently operate in the United States. These nonprofit organizations need to be funded for them to conduct their activities efficiently.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is a remarkable organization that was established to offer financial aid to activist foundations that are based in Arizona. The fund has been operational since 2013 when it was created by Jim and Michael. The two were journalists, and they are recognized for fighting the corrupt administration of Maricopa County’s former sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

The sheriff harassed immigrants who lived in the county and also activists who advocated for their rights. Michael and Jim published stories that exposed him to the public, and this led to their arrest in October 2007.

The detention of the two individuals was against their Fifth Amendment rights, and therefore, they sued the county government for the violation. They were paid $3.75 million as settlement fees and used the money in setting up the charity initiative.

The outstanding support of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has enabled many foundations to accomplish their missions. An example is the Arizona Justice Project, which has been fighting for the exoneration of the people who have been wrongfully imprisoned. It also strives to protect individuals who are facing injustice due to proper legal representation.

AJP believes that many people from disadvantaged backgrounds do not get justice since they cannot afford to pay attorney fees. It has filed several appeals to release wrongfully jailed individuals, reduce sentences for the over punished prisoners, and also to ensure that inmates with critical diseases access proper medical attention. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase
and Phoenix New Time

The Arizona Justice Project argues that the rights of every person are compromised whenever injustice against one individual is left to prevail. It has been seeking for help from law schools across the state, lawyers who are willing to do pro-bono cases, and investigators to ensure that it achieves its mission.

AJP has more than 36 appeals in court. The group prints and distributes free newsletters that create public awareness on fallacies of wrongful detention, updates on its petitions, and also inform lawyer and law student on developments that occur in the forensic science world.

The charity work of Michael and Jim has also supported the Arizona Dream Act Coalition (ADAC) in running its activities. The group has been operational since 2006, and it was created by young undocumented immigrants who studied in Arizona. The students were determined to end an unfair law that made them pay high tuition fees.

The cost of education was too high for them even in community colleges. ADAC also protested the blocking of undocumented students from being given public scholarships. The Hispanic youths felt that they were being oppressed and fought the injustices without the fear of being undocumented.

ADAC is still determined to ensure that all immigrant youths have access to a decent and affordable education as well as formal employment.

It recently went to court to challenge an executive order of the Arizona governor that stopped the issue of driving licenses to undocumented immigrants.

5AM Ventures

Scott Rocklage’s Impressive Scientific Career

Scott Rocklage’s idea to start 5AM Ventures is pretty literal to the firm’s name. He explains that just like five in the morning, 5AM Ventures is focused in the early stages of an enterprise’s establishment.

He spends his days dealing with both the business and scientific side of his firms. He does not have a standard nine to five with predetermined errands but instead he has prescheduled or impromptu tasks. Some days he attends board meetings while others are spent handling life science. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn

Scott Rocklage works with a broad network of scientists, business experts and physicians who collaborate to make 5AM Ventures a birthplace for medicinal innovations. He is highly driven by the need to alienate suffering caused by cancer and works tirelessly to study genotypes and mutations that could lead to a breakthrough.

To maintain high productivity at work, Scott has learnt to integrate competitive professionals in all spheres of the business.

Scott’s portfolio displays his undeterred focus in the niche with a long list of achievements he has manifested over the years. Scott Rocklage has a bachelors in chemistry from MIT and a doctorate from the same institution.

He joined 5AM Ventures in 2003 as a managing partner and graduated to be the managing partner in 2004. He has performed intense research that led to the approval of three drugs by the FDA, namely, Cubicin, Omniscan, and Teslascan. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

Scott has an extensive experience in administration of medical institutions which affords him the expertise to lead 5AM Ventures to unchartered territory in the medical world. He previously served Cubist Pharmaceuticals as a chief executive and chairman.

He worked for Nycome Salutar as president and CEO and chairman at Relypsa and Novira. Currently he serves on the boards of Rennovia, Cidara, Kinestral, Pulmtarix and Epirus as chairman.

Scott Rocklage is the recipient of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research at the Richard R. Schrock laboratory. He is a holder of more than 30 United States patents and is the author of over 100 peer review publications.

Scott values organized time and attributes his successes to the accurate anticipation of every tasks’s output.