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Solving Problems with IAP Worldwide

In the professional arena, business is now done on a global scale. No longer are companies confined to their small work area in the town or state they are located in. The world is at their disposal and many companies are working this to their advantage. One of those companies is IAP Worldwide.

IAP Worldwide has been in business for over 60 years and their management team has some of the most diverse qualifications imaginable. Some have served in the military, some have worked for various government agencies and some have many years of work experience in their speciality on All have upper-level college degrees, some holding more than one degree.

IAP Worldwide employs over 2,000 people and has set up shop in over 25 countries around the world. They have done well establishing themselves as a global leader in not only the logistical category, but in both managing products and services. Clients come to IAP Worldwide with their problems or dilemmas and IAP Worldwide has proven themselves to be the right choice to solve those problems.

The type of clients that IAP Worldwide works with is a vast list. They work with both the public and private sector. IAP Worldwide has ongoing contracts with the government and the Department of Defense and it is not uncommon to see IAP workers day in and day out on the same battlefields as our military men and women.

Besides the military, IAP Worldwide also works with the general public. They could be responding to floods or other natural disasters that Mother Nature throws out there. Clients will come to IAP Worldwide needing help handling and managing their crisis and IAP Worldwide is quick to react. They have action plans already established and they take all clients jobs seriously and make sure the end result is the best it can be.

IAP Worldwide makes it their mission to be more than just business partners with their clients. Each client they work with is a vital member of the team and they are treated as such. IAP Worldwide has a reputation that keeps customers coming back again and again. When a client comes to IAP Worldwide with a request, IAP will not rest until the job is done and is done right.

US Money Reserve

Gold is Great for Preserving Value

In our day and age, inflation is slowly destroying the savings of many. We are so busy working that we ignore the steadily declining value of the dollar as measured against commodities. One observer notes that the U.S. dollar is roughly halving its value as measured against commodities every 20 years. $1 from 1990 is equivalent to $2.60 in 2016. This is not good if you have your money parked in an institutional bank. The interest rates they are paying are not enough to fight real inflation which has averaged 3% a year since 1900 (not the official inflation). The United States Government is stealing from its citizens by masking real inflation with slick economic nonsense. If you do not want to join the general theft of public assets, than gold is a wise choice over the long term. Unlike a dollar bill, a gold coin from 1900 still has the same value as measured against commodities as it did over 100 years ago.


It works! Gold has intrinsic value in jewelry, electronics, and stable wealth. This is not true for the paper dollar. The paper dollar is entirely dependent on what its users think it is worth. When enough users believe it is worthless, it loses its value. That is why the United States government continues to sing the beauty of the official Federal Reserve System. They do not want all the public to be aware of the theft that is going on right under our noise in the form of 3% loss of value per year.


US Money Reserve is a champion for those who are being swindled by the Feds. By providing the general public with quality gold coins, they are taking back the stable wealth that Americans have built up over generations of hard work. Measuring your money with transient pieces of paper will not last. Gold coins will keep their value as they have for thousands of years. Wise investors do not look at popular opinion in making decisions. They look at the facts. And the fact is we are being collectively swindled by the people working the printing presses at the Fed. US Money Reserve wants to help you today. Be sure to contact them soon.



Women in Business

The Woman Behind Lime Crime: Doe Deere

Born in Russia, Doe Deere relocated to the United States when she was young. She lived in New York City, and had a interesting and exciting career history prior to founding her own cosmetics company, Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Roughly 16 years ago, Deere was in a rock band. While it was fun, she didn’t continue in the music industry, but she did gain something very important, her husband. He is her biggest influence and her partner, and someone whom she is thankful to have by her side today as the president of her company.

Deere has built an amazing company that showcases unique cosmetics that don’t just hide imperfections, they also create a platform for self-expression and freedom. The cosmetics come in an array of colors that are bright and vivid, all made in an animal friendly way.

Deere began the company in 2004 when she registered Lime Crime to Ebay to sell her DIY fashion line. She modeled all her own clothing and was always in search of bright, vivid, and creative colored cosmetics to complete her look.

Today, Lime Crime is a huge brand. Deere starts her day off with a quick meeting with her Creative Director to go over products and strategize. She follows it up with lots more meetings and lots of time in the lab working with a chemist to create her new color pallets and products. She creates the ideas herself, simply waiting for inspiration to strike. Sometimes it is just days, sometimes it can go months, but when an idea comes she is always quick to get it moving.

Deere is really thrilled with the shift in the shopping world from stores to e-commerce. Shopping online allows customers to have access to more brands and assortments. Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetics companies to focus mainly on e-commerce.

Deere is up front that she works hard. She knows her brand inside and out and also takes time to focus on her customers so she can create products they want. Through her experiences in life, she runs her business on a personal level always treating employees, vendors, and partners with love and respect. It makes everyone feel appreciated and uplifts those around her creating a positive environment that allows everyone to succeed.

While she has a lot to be proud of, Deere still has a big regret, that she didn’t get started in cosmetics sooner! She had the idea for awhile, but didn’t act on it for years. As she says, the best advice she can give to anyone, and advice she now always follows, is to trust your gut!

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Men in Business

David Osio’s New Mobile Application

David Osio and his Davos Real Estate Group (REG) Executive Directors launched their application, the “Davos CAP Calculator,” in Miami in June of 2016. They believe that their distinguished clientele will appreciate being able to access an estimate of the return on real estate investments, receive financial guidance, have a clear vision when purchasing a property, and other features. Among the benefits is a “Mortgage Calculator” that will give an estimate on a mortgage, the funding period, and the interest rate.

Gerard González, Davos REG Executive Director of Davos REG, worked hand-in-hand with Tecknolution on development and design of this extremely useful and innovative tool that is currently available for Android and iPhone devices.

REG is one of the multiple independent companies that are part of Davos Financial Group, a financial group that operates internationally with a licensed and specialized professional team. REG has been a leader in Latin America for more than 20 years and offers comprehensive financial advice and formulates investment strategies. The company has developed new partnerships in an international market, expanding their services with offices in strategic cities such as Geneva, Lisbon, Panama City as well as New York and Miami. .

With his extensive experience in financial services and business management, David Osio has guided the company’s expansion and growth with his outstanding hands-on leadership and business skills. Davos expanded its platform of agents by over 60 percent, which meant an increase of over 75 percent in sales in the first half of 2016.

David Osio was a graduate with honors at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello located in Caracas, Venezuela with his degree having emphasis on finance, banking, and international studies. He further studied at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos and later at New York’s Institute of Finance on the subject of equity portfolio management, which did more sharpening of his skills in banking and investment advising.

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Personal Attacks

A Personal Attack on George Soros

Fox news is used to airing nasty things about issues, and nobody seems to take notice. However, some time back, the cable television made a personal attack on a certain individual on Only that this time, the attack didn’t go unnoticed. To make things worse, the station made an advert of 30 seconds explaining why the program was morally correct. The advert was presented in a black and white screen with a phrase saying “My Mother was quite anti-Semitic and ashamed of being a Jew.” The advert then depicts Jews hurrying in a European street. The advert is presented in black and white. Anyone who watched the program would have realized that the program was a campaign against George Soros. George Soros is known as a hedge fund manager who is notorious for funding anti-totalitarian as well as other liberal causes. The program also portrays George Soros as an anti-Semite and depicts him as an enemy of the state of Israel. However, for those who know George Soros, the whole story is a fabrication and tells lies about Soros.

The producers of this program have taken phrases from a book called “The world according to Soros” and placed them in their program without context. George Soros is a successful investor who has a story to tell. He was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. Soros grew up in a community dominated by Nazis who often persecuted people who held other beliefs than theirs. He managed to survive through the help of his dad who would forge documents and use fake identities.

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Currently, George Soros is one of the richest people on earth. The Forbes ranks him as the 35th richest person. His first job was at Wall Street back in the mid-50s. He has made his wealth by investing in the world of volatile stock as well as currency speculation. He is well known for opposing dictators in the European communist region. Today, his focus is in Burma where people are still being oppressed by a dictator. He has also been active in funding liberal policy institutes as well as advocacy groups in the United States of America. He is a democrat as he funds Democratic candidates on from time to time. He has funded Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama as well as John Kelly.

This program by Fox news was meant to destroy the reputation of George Soros and portray him as an enemy of the people. The program was meant to make him look like a selfish person who used the media, the Democratic Party, and other unions to benefit himself. The presenter of this program didn’t stop the attack on live TV. He continued making the attacks on a radio show that is meant to supplement the TV show. He referred Soros to a Jewish boy who was contributing to the persecution of fellow Jews. However, the show didn’t go well with the viewers as many saw it as a personal attack on a patriotic citizen.

Women in Business

Malini Saba: The Lady with a Heart Like a Lion

Malini Saba is a very successful investor and philanthropist. During the 2004 Tsunami, she promised to donate over $ 10 million to victims in India and Sri Lanka. She also contributed some money to assist in the construction of a heart facility in the United States to focus on people from Asia. She is also the founder of Stree: global capital. This is a charity organization that focuses on the less fortunate women in this society. Saba considers women and children as the future leaders. They should, therefore, be treated with care and given the best education and medical care.


Saba was born in Malaysia. She has lived in several countries such as Australia before moving to the United States of America where she launched her career. She prefers to invest in the commodity market as it has high returns. Today, she is the chairman of Saban. This is a company that operates all over the globe. This company has investments in India, China, Europe and the United States of America. When establishing herself as a business lady, she faced a lot of opposition and ended up wasting a lot of time and resources. Saba says that her greatest success in this life is her daughter. She takes care of her daughter and does not use nannies.


Saba likes the work that Mother Teresa did in her life and tries to emulate her. Malini Saba also says that there is nothing she can regret about her life. According to Malini, the greatest success in this life is doing what you love. She also says that happiness does not come from material wealth. Many people take some time to realize this fact. Some of her most notable investments include real estate in Australia and India, oil, and gas fields in China as well as shares in telecommunication companies found in Silicon Valley. Such companies include Sycamore Networks and PayPal. Her greatest secret in business is separating business and personal stuff.




The Protection Act of the SEC WhistleBlower Program

The SEC program is a subsidiary movement under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection in 2010 to protect and give whistleblowers a platform.

Since the establishment of Labaton Sucharow LLP, the law firm has awarded over $17 million to whistleblowers. The firm was the first to represent Securities and Exchange Commission individuals who reported violations at their workplace. The whistleblowers awarded reported misdoings at their workplace in the financial industry.

Labaton Sucharow has a history of representing institutions, investors, businesses, and consumers. The firm provides expert financial data analysts, forensic accountants, and investigators to conduct a thorough investigation of cases. The professionals hired by Labaton Sucharow meet qualifications of the federal and state laws. The firm has earned recognition among lists such as The Legal 500.Chambers and Partners and The National Law Journal’s Plaintiffs Hot List and the Benchmark Litigation.

The Securities and Exchange program was set up six years ago to aid in eliminating corruption in the industry as a recovery strategy after the Great Depression.

The recent case execution by Labaton Sucharow led to the arrest of key players in the finance market. Jordan A. Thomas, the attorney, participated, commented that the client was courageous to give up information about a major employer and hence contributed hugely to the curbing of a significant security breach. He added to say that he predicts more people will follow the whistleblower’s steps in a bid to improve the financial market.

Mr. Thomas, who is also the chair of Labaton Sucharow, received an award on behalf of a public company employee whistleblower. The employer of the whistleblower faces charges for retaliating against the employee, which is a restriction according to the SEC regulations.
Labaton Sucharow, however, aims to protect the identity of their clients to avoid such retaliation and eventual blacklisting of the individual by other companies. The SEC also doesn’t reveal any other information regarding the case nor people involved.

The regulations of the program set by SEC provide a platform for whistleblowers to bravely step forward with information about criminal activities at their workplaces, under the protection of the employer.  The Congress has created the Investor Protection Fund to ensure a constant availability of the monetary awards. To date, the Fund has generated an excess amount of approximately $400 million.

Music, Musician

Norka Luque’s Journey to the Top

The beautiful Venezuelan singer has always been passionate about music. According to her profile, she used to sleep to the finest tunes from some of the greatest Latino artists. By the time she started her early academic education, she was already attending dancing, music, and voice practice lessons. At the age of eight, Norka Luque embarked on a project to create a music album. This project featured works of Luis Miguel and Shakira.

Norka Luque’s Journey: A Journey of Pure Talent, Determination, and Sheer Luck

Ms. Martinez headed to France soon after she completed her high school education. Here she enrolled in a French business school where she undertook numerous degrees. She started with an MBA, followed by Culinary Arts. Much later, she took other degrees in Fashion and Marketing. We all know how school life can get be boring. For Luque, she broke the boredom by joining a funk and rock band, Bad Moon Rising.

Her big break came about in late 2008 when her exceptional skills captured the attention of the Grammy Award-winning producer, Emilio Estefan Jr. Even though they met by chance, this chance encounter changed NorkaLuque’s life. Emilio Estefan who is also responsible for making artists such Shakira and Ricky Martin signed on as her producer.

Norka Luque: Walking in the Footsteps of Latino Superstars like Jenifer Lopez and Shakira

Norka Luque’s first solo track debuted in 2011. It was titled “As You Do.” The track that was done in English got NorkaLuque, a nomination for the best pop female artist in the celebrated Premios Lo Nuestro 2011 Awards. Her second solo was dubbed “Milagro.” This record was successful; it dominated the U.S billboards and charts. This song was also a hit in Puerto Rico and Venezuela. “Milagro” was an infusion of several music genres including Caribbean sounds and reggae, with traces of Mediterranean blends. This hit carries a strong positive message that is inspirational and uplifting. Her latest track is called “Tomorrowland.” This solo track is also doing very well in Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Today, Ms.Martinez has so many things to be grateful for. She is thankful to her parents as well as her fans for their continued support.

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Wiki Edits

Why Defaced Wikipedia Shouldn’t Give You Sleepless Nights

Prominent Kenyan news anchor Larry Madowo’s Wikipedia page was recently defaced by unknown individuals. In as much as he took it on a light note, the incident highlights the fact that Wikipedia pages of prominent personalities are under threat. However, you shouldn’t be worried about this since there are online reputation firms that can help rid your pages of such malicious information.

In Larry’s case he was surprised to find out that his Wikipedia pages had been altered to imply that he was a political personality born in 1889. It was actually his fans who alerted him about the Wikipedia revisions. The presenter took it on a light note, going ahead to call it an amazing biography. His page was seemingly altered in a hilarious manner by an individual who obviously wanted to make fun of Wikipedia’s unrestricted editing policy.

Hiring Professional Wikipedia Editors

Individuals whose Wikipedia pages get plastered by malicious information ought to hire Wikipedia experts to clear up the mess. If you need to create, edit or update a Wikipedia page, you need to seek the services of Wikipedia editors. Their services are available to individuals and businesses. Professional Wikipedia editors are committed to ensuring that every page that they create is supported by reliable references, and that they are properly formatted.

Monitoring services are also offered to ensure that the pages are free of any malicious information, which can damage one’s online reputation. Being an open-source online platform, anyone who has access to the Internet can edit a Wiki page. Professional editors offer monitoring services, which ensures that damaging info is removed from the pages in real time, thus safeguarding the reputation of clients. Get Your Wiki is involved in the creation, editing and monitoring of Wikipedia pages. It also offers high quality services, free quotes and guarantees to its clients.

Benefits of Having a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites on the Internet. Having a page on this community can provide you and your business with an inclusive historical repository. This makes it one of the most significant digital assets for individuals and businesses. Wikipedia can be used to increase the reputation of an individual or brand. When you create a Wikipedia page it similarly boosts a firm’s level of prestige, credibility and authenticity. This can go a long way in increasing sales volumes.



Dick DeVos is a well-known business person from Michigan, and he has been able to work in various executive positions in the recent past. Born in the year 1955 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, DeVos attended Forest Hills school. During his childhood, DeVos and his brother were involved in Amway, which was a family business. They used to help the family business in various ways, and it is from this that he developed a passion for entrepreneurship. He attended the University of Northwood, where he received a degree in Business Administration. Though he also attended Harvard Business School and Wharton School for Executive Study Programs, DeVos did not graduate. DeVos went forward and received honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University, Northwood University, and Groove City College.

In 1984, DeVos became one of Amway’s vice presidents, leading the company into opening new markets around the world. He has been able to serve on various boards in the past, and he is currently the president of Windquest Group. He is the Co-Chairman of Grand Action Committee since 1992, Founder and Chairman of Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan since 2010. He is as well a Member of Board of Directors of Willow Creek Association since 1997, Governing Board of Orlando Magic since 2003, Founder and Chairman of West Michigan Aviation Academy since 2010 and Chairman and Board of Directors of RDV Corporation.

Dick DeVos became the president and the CEO of Orlando Magic basketball team after his family acquired the basketball franchise in 1991. In 1993, DeVos left his position as the president and chief executive officer of Orlando Magic and rejoined Amway as the company’s president, thus replacing his father.

DeVos is a certified aircraft and a helicopter pilot. He married the former Betsy Prince, and they have been together for the last 35 years, and they have been blessed with seven children. He published his book “Rediscovering American Values” in 1997, and it is available in seven different languages.

Dick DeVos’ political activities can be traced back in 1990 when he won the election of the Michigan State Board of Education. In 1996, he was appointed to the Grand Valley State University Board of Control by Governor John Engler. In 1993, DeVos and his wife became co-chairs of Education Freedom Funds, where they helped in providing scholarships to low-income families in Michigan by covering all the administrative costs of the organization through their foundation.

He believed that Michigan’s economy needed to improve and more jobs created to tackle the high rate of unemployment. In November 2006, DeVos was defeated in the gubernatorial race by Democrat’s Jennifer Granholm by only 14 points.