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Hussain Sajwani was Groomed to be a Real Estate Mogul

Hussain Sajawain is the DAMAC owner that is currently shaking up the real estate market within the UAE. He has been in real estate business since 2002. His real estate business is incredibly successful and he owns his success to a lifetime of grooming and practical experience.


Hussain Sajwani family was not stranger to the business and hard work. His father was an entrepreneur that had his own pen and watch shop. He sold other merchandise as well. The elder Sajwani family man even had his hand involved in real estate. This where Hussain was first introduced to the property market. Hussain learned the fundamentals of this market directly from his dad.


Hussain helped his father out when he was younger. He worked many hours after school in his father’s shop. He even sometimes went with his mother while she sold feminine items to women throughout the Dubai community. The lessons he learned about business from his mother were also invaluable. Hussain’s life was already set on a course of success within the business world.


Hussain was an incredibly bright student and was a given a scholarship to attend school within the U.S. His ability to earn a degree from a 1st world university within the United States also helped to position him as a dominant business figure within the UAE and the world. Don’t forget the Hussain also sold real estate properties while he attended school. So, he was still dabbling in this field even after he left home.


Hussain graduated from the University of Washington and returned home. Once he was there he started a catering business. This business was very successful and it helped him to acquire funding to get into the real estate field.


Since 2002, Hussain was amassing a fortune and a great ability to build, market and sell properties to upper class and middle-class buyers. Hussain’s achievements have been noted in modern times. He is even an old business partner and associate of President Donald Trump. Hussain is a well-connected international real estate mogul whose upbringing and grooming process has prepared him for this position.


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Amazing Achievements of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the founder the Swiss startup Factory AG. Baur has more than 20 years of experience while working in the Swiss banking industry. He is currently responsible for the financing and the fundraising of the Swiss startup factory.


The Swiss startup factory was started in Zurich, and the purpose of the firm was to look for digital entrepreneurs. The company is known to provide vibrant opportunities through an elaborate network in Switzerland and all over the world.


The Swiss startup Factory AG offers an accelerator program that runs for three months. The program provides a broad range of services such as coaching, mentorship and office spaces that are located in the center of Zurich. The firm also provides to the entrepreneurs a real network that makes it easy for them to actualize their ambitious goals.


In 2008, Baur managed to attain the rarefied designation in the Swiss banking sector. This status involved a prominent role of a wealth manager in the Clariden Leu and also an office that is located in an elegant building in Zurich’s affluent neighborhood of Bahnhofstrasse.


Baur worked for 20 years in the private banking in Switzerland and worked hard to attain the status of an executive board member of an enormous private bank in Switzerland.


At the age of 39, Baur started his journey as an entrepreneur. He launched, together with his partners, the Swiss startup factory. The firm has expanded to become the leading private and independently financed institution in Switzerland.


Mike Baur is known to spend a lot of time educating the youth on entrepreneurship. He also supports many startups in Switzerland both as a mentor and also aiding them financially. He is also a director and also a co-founder of the Swiss Startup Association.

Buer achieved his MBA from the University of Rochester, which is located in New York. The University of Berne awarded him an Executive MBA.


The Swiss Startup Factory was launched in 2014, and its aim was to start global companies that would disrupt the standard products, norms and business models. The primary duty of the corporation is to provide a program that would provide the startups that are in their early stages with services, mentorship, coaching, and access to a network of investors.

Baur took part as a member of a jury at a START committee, which was a startup that was pitching a contest at the University of Gallen.