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Eva Moskowitz and Her Success Academy Network of Schools

Success Academy was founded in the year 2006. Success Academy is a great school network based in New York. Its founder and Chief Executive Officer is known as Eva Moskowitz. She has rich experience as a college professor, teacher, head of the NY City Council’s Education Committee, parent of the public schools, and qualified leader. She had two main goals of helping the public sector of education to be more advanced.


She wanted to come up with schools that would improve education in America and also open a high-performance school. This was her dream, and she managed to launch the biggest charter school network found in the City of New York. She focuses on the improvement of student literacy and uses new methods to achieve her goals.


Her initiatives include lesson plans which are broken down into how-to-do videos, recommendations of books, and planning of templates. All these were brought about by the THINK Literacy Curriculum. Success Academy was launched and meant to accommodate a curricula in math, sciences, and humanity subjects. Recently, Success Academy among other various schools happened to win a dispute supporting programs to prekindergarten children.


Success Academy is trying to redefine what is possible to be done in public schools. The main mission is to provide exceptional and efficient schools that all children from all backgrounds can gain access to success in life and college. It plans to change the policies of public education institutions that make it difficult for children to learn or get opportunities for scholarships.


It also helps disadvantaged children, both poor and those with special needs. Over 70 percent of the students from this network are from no or low-income families, over 15 percent are those kids with special needs. The rests are both current and former English Language Learners. Almost every student is a child of color which makes it the perfect institute for learning.


Success Academy is operating with a total number of 40 schools giving service to approximately 14,000 children based in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Bronx. To date, it is known for its high performances and free learning opportunities.

Success Academy named finalist for prestigious national charter school award