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Doe Deere-Playing With Colors

Doe Deere grew up in the United States although she was born in Russia. She eventually went on to become the CEO of her successful company, Lime Crime. She was not overly impressed with what was out there when it came to makeup options, so she created her very own makeup line to represent her individuality. It caught on because apparently, she wasn’t the only one who wanted to get her hands on more fun, bright, and eye-popping colors.


The “Unicorn Queen” now operates out of Los Angeles where she devotes herself to her rainbow-colored product line that is also certified, cruelty-free, and vegan. Her company covers eyeshadows, lip gloss, lipsticks, nail polish, liners, and now Unicorn hair dyes. Unlike so many makeup products sold these days, hers are known for their colorful palettes that will brighten any day and will complement any wardrobe choice.


Deere has always been the creative, energetic, entrepreneurial type since she began designing her clothing to when she launched her Lime Crime makeup line in 2008. Her passion for makeup and fairy tales go hand-in-hand, and her company’s mascot is the unicorn since to her, it represents kindness and compassion.


Deere didn’t always have a super-clear image in her mind about the direction that she should go, but she obviously has found her way. She attended the Fashion Institute in New York but ended dropping out to focus on her own endeavors. Lime crime was born, and she couldn’t be happier.


Deere has found her true calling and so many are able to truly express themselves thanks to her passion and love of rainbow-colored makeup. Deere has found that it is important to listen to feedback and she listens with open ears. That is how she knows what can be improved and what she needs to add to her makeup collection. Social media has proved to be useful in growing her company and following your true passion will get you places.


Deere is inspired and is inspiring to all who want to follow their dreams. She is an example that if you have a goal, you can achieve it and have fun doing it.


Deere believes that the secret to success is all about doing what you enjoy. If you are happy things will fall into place. Deere loves to help others and is involved with many charities including HOLA for kids in LA, Sanctuary For Families, and Adopt NY, just to name a few.


Deere has many plans to add new and exciting collections of colors to her makeup line and is always daydreaming about new color palettes and makeup creations for her chemist to concoct. Deere has not gotten to where she is without taking a few risks. She took the leap and she has no plans of slowing down.


Deere is inspired by others and their success, and she especially enjoys the writings of Karl Lagerfeld. She loves hearing the success stories of others and how they came about achieving their success. Learn more:

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Successes Achieved by Education Reformer DeVos Betsy

On February 7, 2017, the Senate confirmed her nomination, and she began work as the secretary for education for new regime. For nearly 30 years, Betsy has engaged in various educational matters, advocating for the rights of children to access quality education. Betsy’s mother, who was a public school educator played critically role of motivating her to develop interest in education matters at an early age. After she became a mother and sent her kids to school, Betsy actually realized that not all American children are granted equal opportunity to access quality education. Since then, she decided to engage in activities to champion for better educational options for all kids in the U.S. Check her website for more info at

Philanthropic Activities Betsy DeVos’

Betsy and her husband Dick established a family foundation to support various charitable activities in the state of Michigan and beyond. Betsy’s interest in supporting educational causes developed when they visited Potter’s House Christian School, and realized that some parents could do within their ability to ensure their kids were in a safe learning environment. The couple began to support individual students, since some parents made huge sacrifice to afford tuition fee, and that commitment has been growing and expanding.

In the 1990’s, Betsy DeVos served in the board of various charities that focused on expanding educational options that benefited from voucher and tax credits. For 15 years, Betsy was involved in mentoring at-risk kids at the Grand Rapids Public schools, where she interacted with students, teachers and families to ensure their perspective towards education is changed forever. As a leader in movement that focuses on empowering parents, DeVos has shown her commitment in supporting the creation of educational options for students in 25 states.

Betsy DeVos’ Personal Background

She is married to a renowned businessman Dick DeVos, where they have worked together to support various charities through Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. Before her confirmation to serve as secretary for education, Betsy was serving as the Chair of The Windquest Group, an investment management company. Due to her family’s involvement in charitable donations, she has served on boards of several local and national charity and civic organizations such as Kennedy Center, Art Center, Kids Hope USA, and Mars Hill Bible Church among others. Her previous work in the education sector played critical part of providing her with the opportunity to serve as the secretary for education. In her current capacity, Betsy plans is to ensure all American kids access world-class education that would set the path to successful careers. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

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The Evolution of Doe Deere’s Dream

So many young women have dreams of making it big in the beauty industry. The Lime Crime’s Doe Deere had the same dream, and that’s exactly what she did. Known as the “Queen of Unicorns“, thanks to her love for all things Rainbow, she has a passion for makeup, hair dye, and expressive colors. Most importantly, Doe Deere believes that there is no one who can’t make their dreams come true.

Doe Deere spent the first 17 years of her life in Russia. Upon moving to New York City, and finally, Los Angeles, Doe aspired to be a musician. This is where she ultimately met her future husband, and together they learned to work together and make dreams a reality. Although this musical career path taught her valuable business lessons, she dreamed of her real passion: A passion for makeup. Doe knew that it was ok to express yourself and your personality through unique colors, and she encouraged people to do just that. With that vision in mind, the Lime Crime was formed.

Doe Deere doesn’t believe that any dream is too big or out of reach. She also doesn’t believe that you should limit yourself to looking the same as everyone else. At the time she formed the Lime Crime, the natural look was in style, and it just wasn’t who she was. She wasn’t blonde, brunette, or a redhead, and she didn’t go for the understated “less is more” makeup look. She wasn’t going to let anyone tell her that’s how she had to look.

Doe believes that each woman is unique and possesses a special skill, and you should let your love for that skill take you wherever it is that you want to be. When you focus on your dream, that’s when you reach your true potential.

Although Doe Deere spent the majority of her childhood feeling alone and isolated due to her unique taste, she didn’t let that limit her as an adult. It was after she grew up that she realized she had her place in the universe with who she is, and the Lime Crime is a true expression of just that.

Follow Doe Deere on Twitter @doedeere for updates.


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Doe Deere Explains The Name Of The LimeCrime Brand

Doe Deere has become one of the world’s leading cosmetics entrepreneur’s in less than a decade after deciding she had broken the traditional rules to create one of the first successful Online makeup sales brands. The development of the LimeCrime brand has come in a way that appears to mirror the life and career of its founder, Doe Deere, who has taken a long and twisting path to become one of the most important cosmetics entrepreneurs on the planet; in fact, Deere’s innovations and belief in her own skills as a business leader have led to longer established cosmetics companies sitting up and taking notice of the Russian born and New York educated fashion icon.

In a recent Ideamensch interview Doe Deere was asked where she came up with the well known and individual name, LimeCrime for her brand. Doe Deere admits the birth of the LimeCrime brand came at a time when the Internet and Online marketplace industry were in their infancy and individual names for sellers were not a major factor to be considered; looking back, it appears Doe Deere would now go back and put a little more thought into a name she created purely to open an account Online to allow her to sell her fashion line via the Internet. The name LimeCrime includes the color lime that Deere reports is her favorite color and influenced the name she finally decided upon.

LimeCrime was originally a DIY fashion line that drew upon the New York fashion education of Doe Deere and included much of the mythology she understood from her Russian ancestry. The move into cosmetics was a gradual one and came about when Doe Deere wished to model her own designs in an effective way, Deere still maintains control of the marketing of her brand despite its explosion into one of the top makeup producers in the world. Doe Deere explains her makeup choices were limited when she was establishing LimeCrime as she wished to choose bright and colorful shades that reflected her own personality; Doe Deere began experimenting with the creation of her own makeup and quickly found her cosmetics creations becoming more popular than her fashion line prompting a move towards the development of the brand in its current form. Doe Deere spends a large amount of her time working in LimeCrime’s development lab to make sure every product created reflects her own requirements and personality.