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Copa Star Leads The Healthcare Industry in Rio de Janeiro

For a long time, Rio de Janeiro has lagged behind, in terms of healthcare. If the prominent people in this area wanted medical attention, they would have to fly out, either to Sao Paulo or outside of Brazil. So when the D’Or network owners identified this gap, they went all in. The network is known for owning luxurious healthcare facilities. So, they are conversant with what high-end patients are normally looking for in a hospital.

Copa Star is a project that started in the year 2013 and was completed in the year 2015. The 7-story building was built on a 10,000 sq. meter space using the most-advanced technology. The hospital has 105 private suites, 9 surgery rooms and 49 Intensive Care Units. The architectures, engineers and builders paid a lot of attention to every aspect of the building. The lighting is high-class and the interior décor gives you the illusion of being in one of the world’s best hotel.

The hospital employs a team of 500 professionals and out of those, 113 are specialists. That said, it’s a no brainer the doctor to patient ratio when the hospital is at full capacity, is 1:1. Therefore, each patient gets the attention that they deserve. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

Each of the personnel employed at the hospital represents the hospital well. They have been taught on world-class customer service. Also, after employment they undergo a training program to help them understand how to use the equipment at the policy and to be conversant with the vision of the hospital.

The hospital is equipped with modern equipment to aid in the treatment of a myriad of illnesses. One thing you will notice about the surgery rooms is that they have screens to connect surgeons with world-class surgeons. They can do so, live, in case they are dealing with a complex illness and need the input or opinion of a surgeon that has been in the business longer.

Every private suite is installed with an entertainment system to keep the patients entertained throughout. Even those that are in the ICU don’t have to feel so miserable. This is because the windows to these rooms also work as screens. They are connected to street cameras. Therefore, they allow patients to get a live feed of what is happening outdoors.

Patients at Copa Star are treated to nutritious meals served at the on-site restaurant. This restaurant is served by Swedish chefs who have experience in making international cuisines. Unlike other hospitals where you cannot even fathom the smell of their food let alone the taste, Copa Star treats its patients to palatable meals. View the design at RafArquitetura.

Health, Medical Care

Rick Shinto’s Leadership of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is located in New Jersey, and is a provider of Medicare Plans. Their patients are extremely important, as such they strive to provide top quality service. Their models remain cost effective for the convenience of their customers.

InnovaCare Health States that their mission is “to redefine healthcare management to meet the challenges of today’s complex healthcare environment.” They do all that they can to ensure that they are providing quality service. The network of the company includes over 200,000 people, who are served by over 7500 providers and two medicare plans.

Rick Shinto is President and CEO of InnovaCare Health. He serves as CEO of Health Plans in Puerto Rico. Over 20 years of experience in clinical and operational healthcare helped Dr. Shinto rise to this position. He has authored several articles on medicine. Dr. Shinto received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California at Irvine and his medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Among Dr. Shinto’s accomplishments at InnovaCare Health in the creation of many projects to help underserved patients access healthcare. A key to his success is the employment of a strong management team. Read more about Innovacare at Crunchbase

An integral part of this management team is Penelope Kokkinides. She serves as Chief Administration Officer and has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Prior to her position at InnovaCare, Ms. Kokkindes was employed at Centerlight Healthcare as Vice President and COO. She was also COO of Touchstone Health. In these roles, she has implemented healthcare models that suited corporate firms.

Additions to InnovaCare’s leadership were announced in 2016. Three additions were added to the leadership team, according to Dr. Shinto. These additions are Penelope Kokkinides, Jonathan Meyers, and Mike Sortino. According to Rick Shinto, “Mike, Jonathan and Penelope reflect the high level of experience, expertise and professional integrity we seek in our leaders at InnovaCare Health. Each of these additions brings a unique background and rich skill set to our organization”. The company looks forward to continued positive growth in the future, as they continue to handle the needs of their patients with expertise. Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn