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Norka Luque’s Journey to the Top

The beautiful Venezuelan singer has always been passionate about music. According to her profile, she used to sleep to the finest tunes from some of the greatest Latino artists. By the time she started her early academic education, she was already attending dancing, music, and voice practice lessons. At the age of eight, Norka Luque embarked on a project to create a music album. This project featured works of Luis Miguel and Shakira.

Norka Luque’s Journey: A Journey of Pure Talent, Determination, and Sheer Luck

Ms. Martinez headed to France soon after she completed her high school education. Here she enrolled in a French business school where she undertook numerous degrees. She started with an MBA, followed by Culinary Arts. Much later, she took other degrees in Fashion and Marketing. We all know how school life can get be boring. For Luque, she broke the boredom by joining a funk and rock band, Bad Moon Rising.

Her big break came about in late 2008 when her exceptional skills captured the attention of the Grammy Award-winning producer, Emilio Estefan Jr. Even though they met by chance, this chance encounter changed NorkaLuque’s life. Emilio Estefan who is also responsible for making artists such Shakira and Ricky Martin signed on as her producer.

Norka Luque: Walking in the Footsteps of Latino Superstars like Jenifer Lopez and Shakira

Norka Luque’s first solo track debuted in 2011. It was titled “As You Do.” The track that was done in English got NorkaLuque, a nomination for the best pop female artist in the celebrated Premios Lo Nuestro 2011 Awards. Her second solo was dubbed “Milagro.” This record was successful; it dominated the U.S billboards and charts. This song was also a hit in Puerto Rico and Venezuela. “Milagro” was an infusion of several music genres including Caribbean sounds and reggae, with traces of Mediterranean blends. This hit carries a strong positive message that is inspirational and uplifting. Her latest track is called “Tomorrowland.” This solo track is also doing very well in Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Today, Ms.Martinez has so many things to be grateful for. She is thankful to her parents as well as her fans for their continued support.

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