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The Phenomenal Success of Waiakea Bottled Water

In the past several years, the bottled water company Waiakea has achieved phenomenal success. Waiakea has grown by 5,000 percent since its establishment in 2012. Since the company’s inception, the annual number of cases of bottled water sold has quickly risen from 2,304 to 122,400. The popularity and success of Waiakea water is attributable to several factors such as the company’s commitment to providing a product that is rich in health benefits in addition to being sustainably sourced.

According to PR Newswire, Waiakea’s water source is the Pahoa Aquifer located in Hawaii. Before reaching the aquifer, the water contained there originates as snowmelt and rainwater on the active volcano Mauna Loa. The water then passes through approximately 14,000 feet of volcanic rock on its way to the aquifer.

This process of passing through hardened lava enriches the water with minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, all of which are extremely beneficial for consumption. Additionally, the pH level of the water falls between 7.8 and 8.8, a naturally alkaline level that has numerous health benefits.

Forbes said that Waiakea water seeks to employ eco-friendly and sustainable methods for every aspect of collection and production of their bottled water. They take part in reforestation projects in the area around the Pahoa Aquifer, which is the source of their water. They also package their product in recycled bottles that are BPA free and require 85 percent less energy to manufacture than non-recycled bottles. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The company utilizes low emission shipping methods, and their bottling facility uses 33 percent renewable energy.

Waiakea’s charitable contributions also provide insight into their success. Consumers who buy Waiakea spring water can rest in the knowledge that their purchase helps to provide clean water to communities in Africa. For every liter of water they sell, Waiakea donates 650 liters of clean water to people in need.

As of 2015, the company had donated 500 million liters of clean water. Additionally, Waiakea’s partnership with a company called Pump Aid has enabled them to provide over 3,200 water pumps to African communities.

Waiakea provides a sustainably sourced, eco-friendly bottled water that holds numerous health benefits for consumers. These facts, combined with the company’s commitment to charitable initiatives, prompt more customers to purchase their water each year.

The success and growth of Waiakea Water since its founding in 2012 demonstrates that the modern consumer desires to support companies that focus on creating and distributing healthy, sustainable products while simultaneously using their profits to participate in projects of a humanitarian nature.