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Gold is Great for Preserving Value

In our day and age, inflation is slowly destroying the savings of many. We are so busy working that we ignore the steadily declining value of the dollar as measured against commodities. One observer notes that the U.S. dollar is roughly halving its value as measured against commodities every 20 years. $1 from 1990 is equivalent to $2.60 in 2016. This is not good if you have your money parked in an institutional bank. The interest rates they are paying are not enough to fight real inflation which has averaged 3% a year since 1900 (not the official inflation). The United States Government is stealing from its citizens by masking real inflation with slick economic nonsense. If you do not want to join the general theft of public assets, than gold is a wise choice over the long term. Unlike a dollar bill, a gold coin from 1900 still has the same value as measured against commodities as it did over 100 years ago.


It works! Gold has intrinsic value in jewelry, electronics, and stable wealth. This is not true for the paper dollar. The paper dollar is entirely dependent on what its users think it is worth. When enough users believe it is worthless, it loses its value. That is why the United States government continues to sing the beauty of the official Federal Reserve System. They do not want all the public to be aware of the theft that is going on right under our noise in the form of 3% loss of value per year.


US Money Reserve is a champion for those who are being swindled by the Feds. By providing the general public with quality gold coins, they are taking back the stable wealth that Americans have built up over generations of hard work. Measuring your money with transient pieces of paper will not last. Gold coins will keep their value as they have for thousands of years. Wise investors do not look at popular opinion in making decisions. They look at the facts. And the fact is we are being collectively swindled by the people working the printing presses at the Fed. US Money Reserve wants to help you today. Be sure to contact them soon.