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Why Defaced Wikipedia Shouldn’t Give You Sleepless Nights

Prominent Kenyan news anchor Larry Madowo’s Wikipedia page was recently defaced by unknown individuals. In as much as he took it on a light note, the incident highlights the fact that Wikipedia pages of prominent personalities are under threat. However, you shouldn’t be worried about this since there are online reputation firms that can help rid your pages of such malicious information.

In Larry’s case he was surprised to find out that his Wikipedia pages had been altered to imply that he was a political personality born in 1889. It was actually his fans who alerted him about the Wikipedia revisions. The presenter took it on a light note, going ahead to call it an amazing biography. His page was seemingly altered in a hilarious manner by an individual who obviously wanted to make fun of Wikipedia’s unrestricted editing policy.

Hiring Professional Wikipedia Editors

Individuals whose Wikipedia pages get plastered by malicious information ought to hire Wikipedia experts to clear up the mess. If you need to create, edit or update a Wikipedia page, you need to seek the services of Wikipedia editors. Their services are available to individuals and businesses. Professional Wikipedia editors are committed to ensuring that every page that they create is supported by reliable references, and that they are properly formatted.

Monitoring services are also offered to ensure that the pages are free of any malicious information, which can damage one’s online reputation. Being an open-source online platform, anyone who has access to the Internet can edit a Wiki page. Professional editors offer monitoring services, which ensures that damaging info is removed from the pages in real time, thus safeguarding the reputation of clients. Get Your Wiki is involved in the creation, editing and monitoring of Wikipedia pages. It also offers high quality services, free quotes and guarantees to its clients.

Benefits of Having a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites on the Internet. Having a page on this community can provide you and your business with an inclusive historical repository. This makes it one of the most significant digital assets for individuals and businesses. Wikipedia can be used to increase the reputation of an individual or brand. When you create a Wikipedia page it similarly boosts a firm’s level of prestige, credibility and authenticity. This can go a long way in increasing sales volumes.