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Clay Hutson’s Exciting Journey in Music Industry

Clay Hutson is a gifted and qualified production manager as well as a live sound engineer. He provides services majorly in music production designs, monitor engineering, logistics management, rigging, stage management services, and show producer services. The services are budget friendly with a lot of creativity and innovativeness in them. Any role in managing events, music production, and music in general suits Clay Hutson.


Clay Hutson built his interest in music since he was young. Following his interests and passion, he pursued a degree in theater design at Central Michigan University and later enrolled for a master’s degree from Stephen M. Ross School of Business in Business Administration. Clay joined the entertainment business industry after his graduation where he served in different positions. He worked in positions such as a project manager and sound engineer. In as much as he travelled with sound teams like the Billy Graham’s sound team and some other corporate entertainment individuals, Clay Hutson finally ventured into the music industry. One of the most passionate thing in his time was the “rock and roll”. Fortunately, Clay landed into many jobs and as a result, he got exposure in sound engineering, management services, and live performances that became a cornerstone in building his business. Over time, he came to realize that he would do well as a sole entrepreneur in the music industry and achieve much success. It did not take long before his name became prominent in the industry due to his reliability and honesty at work. He shares more of insights through an interview with Inspirery.


Clay Hutson has made several trips in many countries through the exposure rendered to him through the job. He has had several accomplishments and he is the today’s designer for the Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, and the renowned Pink. At his free times, Clay enjoys having quality time with the family as well as working on designing projects. Sharing on how he ventured into his own business, Clay says that the earlier exposure and experience in sound engineering and live entertainment gave him a clue of how to go about it. He learned additional valuable skills from the positions that he held in the previous engagements and with such skills, he needed to detach himself from struggling companies to have his own. Clay’s source of income is from services he provides to clients in rigging, live production, and sound engineering. These entail production designs, management, stage management, and logistics. Through friends and the clients he handles, he gets more clients from their recommendations. Learn more: