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Doe Deere Explains The Name Of The LimeCrime Brand

Doe Deere has become one of the world’s leading cosmetics entrepreneur’s in less than a decade after deciding she had broken the traditional rules to create one of the first successful Online makeup sales brands. The development of the LimeCrime brand has come in a way that appears to mirror the life and career of its founder, Doe Deere, who has taken a long and twisting path to become one of the most important cosmetics entrepreneurs on the planet; in fact, Deere’s innovations and belief in her own skills as a business leader have led to longer established cosmetics companies sitting up and taking notice of the Russian born and New York educated fashion icon.

In a recent Ideamensch interview Doe Deere was asked where she came up with the well known and individual name, LimeCrime for her brand. Doe Deere admits the birth of the LimeCrime brand came at a time when the Internet and Online marketplace industry were in their infancy and individual names for sellers were not a major factor to be considered; looking back, it appears Doe Deere would now go back and put a little more thought into a name she created purely to open an account Online to allow her to sell her fashion line via the Internet. The name LimeCrime includes the color lime that Deere reports is her favorite color and influenced the name she finally decided upon.

LimeCrime was originally a DIY fashion line that drew upon the New York fashion education of Doe Deere and included much of the mythology she understood from her Russian ancestry. The move into cosmetics was a gradual one and came about when Doe Deere wished to model her own designs in an effective way, Deere still maintains control of the marketing of her brand despite its explosion into one of the top makeup producers in the world. Doe Deere explains her makeup choices were limited when she was establishing LimeCrime as she wished to choose bright and colorful shades that reflected her own personality; Doe Deere began experimenting with the creation of her own makeup and quickly found her cosmetics creations becoming more popular than her fashion line prompting a move towards the development of the brand in its current form. Doe Deere spends a large amount of her time working in LimeCrime’s development lab to make sure every product created reflects her own requirements and personality.

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