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Goettl Officially Declares the Acquisition of Walton’s

Goettl recently announced that it had acquired Walton’s Heating and Air. The HVAC firm, which is a family owned company, is based towards the outskirts of Southern California. Though the financial details involved in the transaction have not been revealed, the deal will allow Goettl to make a presence in the California market. The deal will also enable Walton to expand above what Todd Longbrake would have achieved on his own.

The History Behind the Contract

According to Todd Longbrake, he had developed the business as much as he would have managed. When Goettl expressed an interest in buying Walton in 2015, Longbrake was hesitant to jump on the opportunity. However, when Longbrake heard the reviews of other clients who had been involved with Goettl, he decided to try them out. The deal was sealed towards the middle of 2015. Longbrake says that since Goettl acquired Walton’s the company has grown ten-fold.

Longbrake will still be remained in the company and will serve the role of a field supervisor and sales manager. Goodrich, Goettl’s CEO has commended Todd for being assimilated into the company and becoming a leader in the organization. Check out business press to know more.

Goodrich refrained from making an announcement about the acquisition until earlier this week owing to operational complications. He said that he wanted to ensure everything was in order before giving the deal the “Goettl badge”. He was able to overcome the various hurdles throughout the transaction because he placed a lot of value on Walton’s. Goodrich confessed that the values and background of Walton’s was similar to that of his company. He added that even though Walton was stagnant when he proposed the deal, he was confident the company would grow. Visit indeed.com for more.

Currently, Goettl has 306 employees. Following the acquisition, it is expected that the company will add 200 jobs, particularly in its largest markets in Phoenix and Tucson. According to Goodrich, the long-term goal of the company is expand into the markets of Northern California and Texas.

About Goettl

As a leader in the HVAC industry, Goettl has dedicated itself to shaping the heating and air conditioning industry for a long time. Goettl provides the best heating and air conditioning services in Arizona. The company’s commitment to its clients is unmatched. Apart from the series of custom homes, remodels, and commercial projects, Goettl has a long list of projects that have made it popular in the HVAC industry. Some of the projects Goettl has been involved in the Verde Sante Fe Golf Course project, Del Webb Cottonwood Ranch, and Mountain Gate.

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