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Harry Harrison Interview

A prominent name in the business domain, Harry Harrison is a visionary of deserved renown. In hopes of honing his skills early on, Harrison pursued a college career at the University of Cambridge where he gained substantial insight into finance. As an attempt to further his education, Harrison attended the University of Warwick where he acquired his Bachelor of Science degree in economics. Following his graduation from the University of Warwick, Harrison plunged into his desired line of work. Harrison’s financial aptitude prompted him to pursue work in the financial services sector.

Throughout his career, Harrison learned that diversity, humility, and collaboration are the pillars of success. According to Harrison, the best ideas are formed when a healthy dose of intellect and perspective are both valued and accepted. Harrison carried this outlook with him as he ascended through the ranks of his domain. Harrison reached the pinnacle of his career while serving at the helm of Barclays Non-Core, a London-based banking institution. For three years, Harrison proudly assumed the role of head of Barclays.

When Harrison retired in 2017, he evolved into a stay-at-home father. Harrison maintains that the excitement and unpredictability of day-to-day life keeps him on his toes. When he’s not tending to the needs of his children, Harrison counsels individuals on their financial shortcomings. In short, Harrison offers his sound advice on topics including private equity, business technology, and venture capital. During his downtime, Harrison enjoys partaking in yoga and meditation sessions with his wife.