Herbalife Nutrition Partners With IMPACT Basketball Center

One of the most popular athletic facilities in America, IMPACT Basketball Center formed a partnership with Herbalife Nutrition (Company) for two years. Herbalife made the announcement in a Business Wire press release, on January 21st, 2019, revealing the Las Vegas Center’s new name, Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center. The partners started the year hosting an opening event that featured former NBA players, a professional coach, trainers, and other professionals. Approximately 30 students met former NBA Boston Celtics player, Patrick O’Bryant and former Cavalier head coach, Tyronne Lue. These local students came from Teach for America and visited the basketball clinic receiving coaching advice in playing the game, plus information on nutrition.

Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center gained recognition as the international place for training high school, college, professional, and NBA basketball players. Teams around the world train at the facility to improve and develop their skills in playing the sport. Now that Herbalife is the Center’s sports nutrition sponsor, athletes can receive customized nutritional plans for elevating their performance on the court and overall health. Nutritionists are available to assist them with selecting foods with the proper nutrients during robust training and for maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Besides advice on nutrition, professionals provide education on Herbalife24 Sports products.

The Herbalife Nutrition and IMPACT Center partnership is beneficial for the trainers and amateur and professional basketball players. The Company has trainers with expertise using an impressive development strategy in all its training facilities in Las Vegas, Sarasota, and Los Angeles. Athletes have access to online programs comprising blogs with informative articles and videos about nutrition, building strength, and maintaining fitness. Teach for America’s students had a magnificent experience at the Youth Basketball Clinic with former NBA pro athletes, nutritionists, and training experts. They received strenuous training and drill practices on the court with seven pro teams.


Joe Abunassar, president and founder of Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Centers believes nutrition is one principle of their development strategy when training athletes and active people. Herbalife has a four-year working relationship with the Centers and top college and professional athletes. For nearly 39 years, Herbalife continues to influence the lives of active individuals using Herbalife24 nutrition product line and programs. The Company believes its products along with proper nutrition and training contribute to creating a healthier lifestyle. Herbalife24 is NSF certified, free of banned substances, safe, and only available through Herbalife Independent Distributors.,9_IL.10,21_IC1146821.htm