High-Learning Opportunity Is Coming To Low-Income Families Thanks To Rocketship Education

Since 2006, Rocketship Education has been working to improve the world of education for underprivileged students around the country. John Danner and Preston Smith, Founders of Rocketship Education, had a single goal in mind when it came to schooling around the country and that is there are far too many students out there not getting a good education that they deserve. Today, Rocketship Education has schools around the country and they continue to spread into more communities each and every year. With an improved curriculum and technologies going into the teaching programs at Rocketship schools, students are bound to score high grades and build a foundation for success. All of this is offered to families with low-incomes as well since Rocketship Education doesn’t believe a good education should be limited access.

Since 2008, Rocketship Education has been making waves in the world of education and going through massive expansions. This is largely due to the great learning environments Rocketship schools provide at the elementary level. In the next few years, Rocketship has plans to open at least six more charter schools around the country as well. Rocketship Education schools offer more than the usual public schools out there, with improved curriculums and technology going into their teaching. Not only this, but Rocketship schools provide each student with their own tutors for one-on-one learning to ensure no one falls behind.

With various improvements to the budget over the years and continued funding from various donors out there, Rocketship Education is able to continue their growth and plans to spread and serve more students in communities around the nation. One of the biggest donors to the schooling project, today is Andre Agassi, who also founded his own charter school fund to support all sorts of educational programs. Rocketship Education has the funds to back their system and the leadership to continue growing effectively and efficiently while providing a better education to all students who can benefit from it. There is also no racial profiling or quotas at Rocketship Education schools, this way no one is rejected or selected simply because of race.