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Highland Capital management the successful investment company

Running a successful investment firm requires high skills in business and also know the different investment strategies. In addition to that, a person requires to know the various challenges that face investors and how to overcome them. Many people see to invest so as to secure their future. However, without proper knowledge and guidance, many people tend to lose money because of investing in the wrong places. Highland Capital Management is a company that has managed to build a great reputation for itself due to its success in the field of investment. Visit to know more about him.

The company deals with alternative investment management. It mainly focuses on structured investment, hedge funds and also mutual funds. The investment company was founded by two great investors namely; James Dondero who is the head of the company and Mark Okada who works as the CIO of the company. It was founded 26 years ago and since its foundation, the company has greatly developed and has been appreciated by many people. Highland Capital management has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas in the United States.


The company has recorded a steady growth and is a renowned company all over the world with its offices in different countries around the world such as Sao Paulo, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Seoul, and New York City. Due to its steady growth, the company reported an increase in the income and assets to about $14 billion. It has also greatly provided many people with job opportunities. Some of the investments that are managed by Highland Capital management include; the Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund. It was also successful in completing the CLO Value Fund which was used in the invest of secondary CLO debt and equity. The exemplary leadership skills of James Dondero and Mark Okada have made Highland Capital Management become the great company it is by ensuring customer satisfaction in managing their investment assets. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.