Inamtes Have Easy Access To The Madison County Courier

The Madison County Courier is helping massive people in New York find attorneys for various issues in a quick amount of time. This online system is very simple to use, and it is one that all people can relate to on an everyday basis. There is another group of people that have been relating to this system as well, and they are inmates of local jails and state prisons.


Today, jails and state prisons are more technologically advanced than ever before. This means inmates now have access to computers and the Internet. Inmates have been using their Internet privilege to visit the Madison County Courier online system. All an inmate needs is five minutes before they are hauled of to court. Within these five minutes, an inmate can find an attorney to represent them; this even includes inmates with no money.


When the inmate gets to court, the attorney will be there, and the attorney will be ready to argue, having already known most of the facts about the case. This has caused court proceedings to move faster than usual. Moreover, this has led to inmates having to do less time behind bars. Many inmates end of getting an extra six months to two years for coming to court without a lawyer, some on several different occasions.


Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein wanted all people to have a fair opportunity when he created this online program. The people he had in mind also included inmates. Graduating top of his class, Attorney Goldstein represented many high-profile criminals. During this time, he observed how inmates with no money and no family were given more time on their sentence for having no lawyer when appearing in court.


Attorney Goldstein wanted to change this part of the system. His amazing online program is making a positive impact in the lives of inmates on a daily basis.


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  • Mariana Emmet

    December 21, 2017

    We current trends of doing things swinging in the direction of modern technology there is always that need to key into the easiest way of getting things done. And with essay on time it is obvious that Jeremy Golstein has really done his research in the legal business properly knowing that people find it difficult to locate an attorney that can effectively represent them in the court of law and so he has made a lot of changes in that regard making everything simple as clients can now go online and register their plight and get signed a lawyer that suits.

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