Malcolm CasSelle Bring Blockchains to Gamers with WAX

Blockchains are taking the cryptocurrency world by storm. Since its inception the cryptography-based software has created many new possibilities for virtual currency. Drawbacks that once seemed to mire cryptocurrency forever are now completely neutralized. In the gaming world Malcolm CasSelle of OPSkins is at the forefront of blockchain’s inclusion.

The acting CIO and newly minted president of Worldwide Asset eXchange introduced the blockchain-run P2P platform just last year. WAX allows players the freedom of buying, selling, and trading virtual goods without fear of fraud. It also takes away lengthy transaction times through the use of blockchain tech and tokenization. So far the platform has been very successful and bodes well for the future.

CasSelle has a storied history when it comes to the virtual world. He first came on the scene in 1995 with the formation of his first company NetNoir. CasSelle, a bachelor’s graduate from MIT and master’s graduate from Stanford, later left NetNoir for PCCW in 1998. This would be the beginning of his tour abroad as CasSelle would go on to serve numerous Chinese companies. He would have an active part in Groupon’s JV with Tencent, and then would later form Timeline Labs which he would sell to SeaChange International.

In 2017 CasSelle became CIO for OPSkins. As a top-level executive he was instrumental in making OPSkins a billion-dollar business. As an early stage investor in Bitcoin, Zynga, and Facebook CasSelle has an eye for innovation. His gut already helped OPSkins add Bitcoin merchant to their service, and now he plans to repeat the process with WAX.

WAX allows players to actually enjoy a return of investment for their online wares. Its fast and easy operation is indicative of the benefit blockchains provide cryptocurrency. CasSelle is a firm believer that blockchains are the future of the virtual world. He calls them internet 3.0 and speculates that they will finally take cryptocurrency mainstream. The gaming industry may be the tipping point to this revolution as gamers have used virtual monies for longer than other markets. At present blockchains have to gain more ground before a complete overhaul of traditional banking takes place.