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Orange Coast College now has a new recycling center

Orange Coast College is a world-renowned college in California dedicated to helping students learn and to help the environment. Recently the university has announced that they are building a new recycling center on campus to provide jobs, boost the local economy, and to help the surrounding environment by recycling ordinary substances that would usually go into the trash. Students will have the opportunity to learn how the green process works and how recycling works. With solar panels being used to power the new recycling center, students will have the opportunity to interact with green energy and see how it works on a daily basis. This center will provide a lot of new jobs to local residents and a boost to the local economy because of all the newly produced recycled good that companies in southern California will be able to buy from the Orange Coast College recycling center.



Founded in 1947 Orange Coast College is a primer university based in southern California, not far from beautiful beaches. There are 35 academic and career programs, including one of the nation’s largest and most acclaimed public nautical programs. Orange Coast College offers fall, winter, spring, and summer classes and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Many students come here to learn environmental studies and how to postivilayy impact the environment surrounding them. Learn more:


In addition to its new recycling facility powered by green energy, Orange Coast College is an impactful university in SOuthern California, being a driver for clean energy and delivering skilled workers and thinkers to the local economy surrounding the college. The new recycling facility will provide jobs while protecting the environment. Orange Coast COllege and is a great school, teaching future leaders while protecting the environment from plastics and various other substances that will harmfully impact the California environment and the Earths environment. Learn more: