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The various aspects of Dr. Saad Saad’s career

Dr. Saad Saad is a professional pediatric Surgeon. He has been in the industry for more than 40 years. He has been able to remove objects from the trachea and the esophagus in children. Dr. Saad Saad has helped more than 1,000 children in the course of his career.

These children were between the ages of six months to fourteen years. It is common for children between these ages to play with objects. Some of them end up putting these objects in their mouths and swallow them unintentionally.

Dr. Saad Saad is a qualified pediatric surgeon. He attended Cairo University where he received his medical degree. He graduated in 1971 after being his class’s salutatorian. He then moved to the United Kingdom to finish his internship. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

The young doctor received several awards from professional doctors as well as many instructors showing the expertise of the new doctor, Dr. Saad Saad. He migrated to the United States of America where he has spent most of his years helping sick children.

He has conducted over 3,000 surgeries on children for the last 45 years using several medical techniques. Moreover, he has treated people who are having rare medical conditions.

Schools have opened all over the country, and sports are one of the things that students do both at school and home.

Most parents are concerned about youth sports, but Dr. Saad Saad is ready to share some of his views concerning the games and the treatments necessary in case a student falls sick in school.

Dr. Saad Saad is a well-known pediatric surgeon in the United States of America. The guidelines will cover children with concussions and its treatment, offering doctors, coaches, and parents with the required tools that they require to ensure the best results for their children with placid traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Saad claims that the responsibility of raising a healthy baby starts right before the baby is born. The habits of the mother such as smoking may cause the baby some harm.

Some other exposures and habits may cause serious harm to the development of the baby, both pre and postnatal. For instance, breastfeeding minimizes the risks of the infant becoming obese in life.

Saad Saad is a famous pediatric Surgeon with more than 40 years of experience in the field. In the course of his career, Saad has dedicated his time to the well-being and health of infants.

Currently, retired, he writes reports concerning the critical steps of child development from infant stage. Dr. Saad Saad provides parents with professional advice on how to raise their kids as well as tips to identify symptoms that indicate a medical emergency in their infants.

Saad has brought to life two inventions and created several new procedures to do with pediatric surgery. For the last 40 years, he has performed thousands of complicated pediatric surgeries on infants as well as teenagers.

He has also conducted eight missions to offer medical help to Jerusalem. He performed complex surgeries while on these missions on poor children for free. Before he retired, Dr. Saad was the co-Medical Director and the Surgeon-in-chief of K Hovnanian Children Hospital.

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Waiakea Water – Health Benefits

Anytime people hear of a volcano, eruption preoccupies their mind. What most of them do not know is that there is more to a volcano than just eruptions. For instance, who could ever think that there could be naturally pure Hawaiian Volcanic water?

Many firms in the world have adapted to the volcanic filtration system. This has seen them produce clean water that leave their clients looking and longing for more. Waiakea company has gone an extra mile in producing the purest drinking water by utilizing the benefits of Hawaiian Volcanic water through employing environmentally friendly means.

Started with the aim of creating a different lifestyle and out of the obvious in the bottled water industry, Waiakea was founded six years ago. Its inspiration to bring change in the bottled water had come from deep love of environment from its founders.

Waiakea had a mission and a purpose to provide healthy water to the community and not just to make profits. The Hawaiian volcanic water has also been in a mission to conserve the environment and offer education to needy people in the world.

Waiakea water comes from one of the world’s largest and most beautiful Mt. Mauna Loa volcano. The water is as a result of the rainfall that streams down through the snow at the mountain. As it streams down, the water is naturally filtered by the underlying rocks. As a result, the water comes out pure and clean. This method has seen Waiakea water stand out among giant companies.

There are many health benefits of this type of water. Since it comes full of different healthy minerals and electrolytes, the water has proved to be very healthy. Such minerals include calcium, which has health benefits to the bones, potassium among other minerals. Therefore, most people get the required minerals, which have health benefits.

Unlike many companies that employs electrolysis to synthesize a high Potential hydrogen to make it alkaline, volcanic water provides these minerals naturally. This in return ensures that the customers get clean water with zero added chemicals, which comes in a recycled bottle to preserve the environment.

Conventional Therapy

Talkspace Get Help for Mental Problems before they Become Irreversible

Mental health issues like ADHD, depression, anxiety, and so on, are getting wildly widespread in society. The only way out of it is to ensure that people are able to get proper treatment at the right time. One of the ways that many people prefer to receive their treatment is online and through their phone via the application named Talkspace. It is a New York-based online application company that offer counseling over the phone via voice and video call as well as text and e-mail as per the convenience of the patient. If you feel that you can do with the mental health therapy, consulting with the expert at Talkspace would be highly helpful.

The professional experts at Talkspace have years of experience, and they provide people with the correct diagnosis that would help them revive their mental health. Without proper mental health, it would be difficult to lead a normal life, and sooner or later, it would start affecting your physical health as well. Problems such as depression need to be corrected soon else it has the tendency to convert into suicidal as well. Talkspace is a convenient and affordable app as it allows people to consult with the therapist from anywhere and the cost of therapy is a fraction of what the in-office counseling costs. If you or any of your loved one needs treatment for mental health, do make sure that you refer them Talkspace. It is a completely legit app and is authorized legally to provide mental health therapies online.

Often people do not realize that what they might be going through is depression. It is the reason why it is important for people to get help before they take any extreme step. Michael Phelps too has been a victim of depression, and it was only therapy that helped saved his life. He was not ready to accept that someone like him could be depressed and kept on putting away the need to seek help. It was only after it got worse that he decided to get help from online therapy. Today, he is a partner with Talkspace to help raise awareness about the mental problems and the need to get help.

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Southridge Capital Has Found Great Success In Taking After The Lead Of Its Founder Steven Hicks:

Since the 1996 calendar year, Southridge Capital has been offering top-notch services in the areas of structured finance and advisory matters for companies within the publically traded sector. Southridge Capital enjoys a client base that is full of diversity and the company’s clients trust the firm due to the fact that it provides such a wide and impressive range of solutions within the financial sphere. The executive team that Southridge Capital employs is one of the major points of pride for the firm as these financial industry professionals each bring a unique, diverse and experienced set of skills to the table. This allows them to provide the highest levels of service available in the financial industry today. At the head of this dynamic executive core is Southridge Capital’s inspirational founder Steven Hicks. He is joined on his executive team by Narine Persaud, Henry Sargent, Linda Carlsen and Laurence Ditkoff. You can visit



The two primary branches of the Southridge financial services umbrella are the company’s advisory brand and the company’s structured finance branch. Within its advisory services sphere, Southridge Capital works hard for its clients to provide services that include the projection of financial statements as well as providing the service of optimization of client balance sheets. Southridge Capital equally succeeds in the area of structured finance. Within this area, the Southridge team provides commitment services to clients in the areas of credit enhancement, solutions for financing and also in the area of securitization. Check out



As the founder and CEO with Southridge Capital, Mr. Steven M. Hicks is responsible for setting the tone for the direction that the company moves in. This direction is consistently in a direction that focuses on a continuous drive to improve and innovate. This has been a recurring theme throughout the financial industry career of Steven Hicks who has been working in the profession for more than three decades now. During that time, he has developed an extensive amount of experience and knowledge in the areas of risk arbitrage, derivatives, structuring of financials and also the dynamic sector of investment banking. Steven Hicks has taken this experience and translated it into success at Southridge Capital. He has also excelled in being an inspirational force as a leader for his Southridge executive team.



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Guilherme Paulus And The Various Regions Of Brazil

Brazil is a land of opportunity for people who have enough base capital and motivation. The country is so spacious and has so much to offer. People who are minimally educated about Brazil might only think of it as a place where macaws fly around, tribal people live in tropical rainforests and other people live in crammed cities. When hearing about Brazil, images of Carnival celebrations and the statue of Jesus at Rio de Janeiro might come to a person’s head. However, there is more to this fascinating place than those things.

Brazil is a land where different ethnic and racial groups have settled. The concentration of people with certain ethnic and racial backgrounds is highly dependent on the neighborhood and region. For example, Gramado is in the southern portion of the country. It is a place where many Italian and German immigrants raised families. As a result, there is a sizable population of people in that city with those backgrounds. The city’s architecture is reminiscent of Germany and Italy. When you do a Google Image search of the city, you see European style buildings and images of young people in ethnic German costumes with beers in their hands. Guilherme Paulus, the leader of a tour operator company, made sure to build a hotel in this city so that people from far away could experience the architecture and interesting culture of this area.

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Guilherme Paulus also built a hotel in Natal, a city that is in the northeastern portion of the country. Northern Brazil is generally hotter and browner than the south of the country. This creates an environment where people like Guilherme Paulus have the opportunity to create a large selection of tourism services and choices for clients. Guilherme Paulus has really helped Brazil live up to its potential and put its talents to good use.

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Drug Development

Career Life of Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall has brought innovation to the health sector through the various firms he has launched. He is the current CEO of Seattle Genetics and through the firm, he has developed therapy drugs used for the treatment of diseases that have not indicated any sign of substantial mortality improvement over the recent years. Through his leadership, he has seen the firm grow tremendously from a small venture into one of the largest firms that are fully dedicated to developing drugs for cancer treatment. His passion towards helping people restore back their health has also inspired many people, like the scientist that have striven to work closely with him to achieve the best.

Clay Siegall has proved to possess impeccable skills in the field of medicine and he has led a vast number of firms since the beginning of his career. After completing his education at the University of Maryland, he moved to George Washington University, where he acquired his Ph.D. in Genetics. He has served various roles in his field of specialization, with his major contributions being at the Seattle Genetics firm.

Through the firm, Clay Siegall has played a major role in bringing a revolution in the therapy provision for people with cancer and other advanced diseases. Together with his team of employees, Clay has developed FDA approved antibody drugs that have been used in the treatment of a vast number of diseases. He has also developed more than 20 strings of other drugs that have been widely used in various countries.

His ability to exercise teamwork in his operations have seen him accomplish most of his set goals. Seattle Genetics has attracted the attention of many researchers and medical practitioners, who have come together to share ideas on the best drugs and approaches they can adapt to improve the lives of human beings.

Additionally, Clay strives to bring efficacy in the health sector through conducting a critical analysis of the human anatomy. His vast understanding of the functioning of human bodies, Clay believes that he will keep bringing ideas to life so as to make life easy for everybody.


Ara Chackerian Share His Thoughts During Mental Health Month

Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist. He founded ACS Capital Holdings, LLC and is the managing partner of this investment firm which invests in startup healthcare companies. He has also started a few companies himself such as TMS Health Solutions which he co-founded along with a business partner. This company treats people who have treatment-resistant depression through the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation, otherwise known as TMS.

Over the past 20 years, Ara Chackerian has invested in a number of companies that have gone on to great success. Among these are BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRX, and Embion/Provider Links. In addition to investing in companies, he also serves on the board of a dozen early-stage healthcare firms. He is also an environmentalist who owns a sustainable Teak plantation in Nicaragua called Limonapa, SA. Other ways he engages in philanthropy is by donating his time and money to nonprofits like CREA Nicaragua, JUMA Ventures, and Nor Luyce. Check out his website


As June is Mental Health Month he published an article about five important things to do that month. He said the first thing people should know is how to best help a person that is in a crisis. Ara Chackerian says that mental health problems can affect anyone, in particular African Americans who are 20% more likely to suffer from these than other groups. He said if you know anyone that has a mental health issue you need to help them seek professional help. Ara also said that if you have had mental health issues in the past you should let other people know so that they know they are not alone if they too are suffering from mental health issues such as depression.

Ara Chackerian also says that everyone should eliminate the negative words about mental health that are so commonly used and it stigmatizes people who have these conditions. He said that everyone needs to be sure they are taking care of their own mental health and doing their best to lead a well-balanced life. Finally, he said that mental health issues are impacting all of society and he hopes more people will get involved helping those with this condition.


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The Rise of Tony Petrello at Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello serves as the Chairman of the Executive Committee and Board, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Nabors Industries in Hamilton, Bermuda. It is the world’s largest driller of natural gas and generator of geothermal power. Nabors Industries operates in Africa, the Middle East, the US, and the Far East. Anthony Petrello has been critical to the growth and development of Nabors Industries since its inception in 1968. It started as Angle Energy before changing its name to Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello holds MS and BS in Mathematics from Yale University. He also went to Harvard School of Law where his relentless efforts earned him a degree in J.D. His professional journey began in 1979 after joining Baker & McKenzie, a renowned law firm as a managing partner. He worked at the law firm’s New York office as a managing partner from 1986 to 1991. Anthony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer. Over time, he worked his way up to become the company’s president. He was appointed the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries in 2003 and held this position until June 2012. A year later, Petrello was made the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He has been serving as Board Chairman of Nabors Industries since 2012. Petrello has been serving as the Director of Steward & Stevenson since February 2011. He previously served as the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital as well as

Tony Petrello earned total compensation of $27,512,939 in 2015. Out of this, he received $16,863,656 as stock, $1,580,077 as salary, and $7,727,000 as bonus. He currently serves on the board of Hilcorp Energy Company and Steward & Stevenson as a director. Petrello also serves on the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees and an advocate for clinical and research programs. He is passionate about addressing the needs of children afflicted with neurological disorders. Even before Tony Petrello the CEO of Nabors Industries, he was known for his philanthropic efforts. His philanthropic efforts grew immensely after giving birth to a child with the neurological disorder. Tony Petrello is an iconic CEO with a generous attitude toward helping children with neurological conditions.

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Beauty Industry

How The RealReal Helps Expand The Idea of Beauty

One thing that people can say about beauty is that it is often treated as something rare. Many people are made to believe that they have to adhere to some unrealistic standards to be considered beautiful. The worst part is that there are times when they see someone who is adhering successfully to these standards. This often causes people to become envious. One of the major factors behind this is the type of companies that are available for them. Fortunately, The RealReal is jumping into the beauty business. The best thing about this is that they are taking a different approach to their beauty products than what they have been taking with their clothing.

One thing that The RealReal has been doing with clothing and other products has been consignment. They have been taking some older projects and selling them. However, beauty products are going to be treated differently. The RealReal is going to be selling new beauty products. To make things better, these are going to be products that are clean. Therefore, they will be good for the skin unlike some of the other products from make up companies. Therefore, women can rest assured that they are not going to have skin problems with these types of makeup compared with other brands of makeup.

Another thing that The RealReal adds to the beauty industry is a lot of variety. Women of all shapes and cultures are represented when it comes to beauty. Therefore, they can feel comfortable when they are shopping for the products that this business offers. The best part is that these are premium items. Therefore, they can be trusted to provide customers with the satisfaction that they need in order to keep using the products. This company is also experimenting with physical locations so that they can better serve their customers.

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The impact of Vijay Eswaran’s success to the community and his life achievements

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most prominent people in Malaysia. He is named as a philanthropist, a motivational speaker as well a successful entrepreneur. He is also named among the top fifty philanthropists in his community. Well his success was not just easy although he came from one of the middle-class families in his city. He went to Landon School of Economics where he earned his undergraduate degree in social economics. Like a typical graduate, he had to spend some time working for some other people to make a living as it is sometimes hard to directly get a formal job after school.

He worked in the construction work and other minor jobs. It is after this that he decided to go back to school and study for his master’s degree from the University of Southern Illinois where he attained his MBA. He also worked as an information system engineer for a significant number of companies for many years in North America after which he went back to his home country of Malaysia. Due to his knowledge about binary system marketing, he was able to get an excellent opportunity to work with Cosway Group that wanted to start its marketing operations in Philippines.

Besides, he also decided to form his company known as the MLM Company which is an E-commerce company that deals with luxury products, telecommunications, media, travel and corporate investments. The company grew under Vijay Eswaran’s, and today it has more than ten branches in different countries.

After experiencing a lot of success, Vijay Eswaran decided to write a lot of books about his life to motivate other people who would love to pursue their success as he did. He has written and published a significant number of books for example, ‘in the thinking zone,’ ’18 stepping stones’, ‘on the wings of thought’ among others.

Also, Vijay Eswaran is also a philanthropist who is dedicated to giving back to the community. Through his MLM Company, he has launched some charitable institutions such as Vijayaratnam foundation which he named after his father’s name, RHYTHM foundation which is a charitable arm of his company among other philanthropies.