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Sam Boraie Continues to Lead Development Company

One of the premier real estate firms in New Jersey is Boraie Development, which according to Bloomberg, has been in the industry for over 20 years. The company provides a wide range of different products and services including property management, sales, and financial services. While the company does have a range of different services that it can provide, it is best known for its real estate development services.

Ever since the company was founded, it has continued to develop a lot of different projects. Many of the projects that it has developed are in the New Brunswick area of New Jersey, Boraie Development has been very involved in the overall revitalization of that community. The company has experience in developing residential, commercial, retail, and mixed use projects.

In a recent report by the NY Times, the newest project that Boraie Development has unveiled is The Aspire. This project is a 238-unit condo development built in the heart of New Brunswick. The project is one of the most popular developments in the city and sales have continued to come in quickly. The project is very popular with buyers due to the onsite amenities that include door and security staff, a rooftop deck, fitness center, storage, and ample parking.

Boraie Development is also part of a group of developers that are focused on the redevelopment of Atlantic City. While the area has been depressed in recent years, the plans of Boraie Development and other developers could have it returning to its former glory through the development of new resorts, malls, convention space, and other amenities, says PR Newswire.

The company today is partially led by Sam Boraie. Sam Boraie ( is currently the VP of sales and is largely involved in the sales of condos and other developments of the firm. He is also involved in the high-level planning of the firm and will continue to take on a leadership role in Boraie Development going forward.

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    August 12, 2017

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