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Securus Technologies Fights Crime

I will always give my business to a company who also engages and social entrepreneurship. The reason I do this is because those companies are using their product to make our world a better place. One such company who is doing this is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has committed itself and its products to ending inmate on inmate crime. Using advanced technology, they are able to monitor and control the contraband phones that many inmates have. This stops inmates from communicating with those outside, and also stops them for planning how the hurt other inmates inside the jail cell.


Nearly 2,400 correctional facilities use Securus Technologies. Each correctional facility that uses Securus Technologies has reported that morale amongst the police force is higher than it has ever been. This is because Securus Technologies makes him feel safer, better able to handle situations, and makes tracking down crimes much easier.


Securus Technologies plans to continue growing in the future. The company started in the year 1986 in the state of Texas. Since then though, they have grown to have offices in Dallas, Allen, and Carrollton, Texas, as well as Atlanta Georgia.


Securus Technologies utilizes there 1,000 people workforce to produce great technologies that are better able to handle public safety concerns, investigations,corrections, and monitoring of crime. Securus Technologies has put such an emphasis on research and development, they are able to produce a brand new product every week. This is the direct result of investing over 600 million dollars into this department. Such investing has been able to produce new initiatives such as the Wireless Containment Solutions and Cell Defender.


After partnering with Harris Corporation in 2016, Securus Technologies has seen business go up dramatically. It seems that they will continue being the leading company in this area for some time.