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Southridge Capital Has Found Great Success In Taking After The Lead Of Its Founder Steven Hicks:

Since the 1996 calendar year, Southridge Capital has been offering top-notch services in the areas of structured finance and advisory matters for companies within the publically traded sector. Southridge Capital enjoys a client base that is full of diversity and the company’s clients trust the firm due to the fact that it provides such a wide and impressive range of solutions within the financial sphere. The executive team that Southridge Capital employs is one of the major points of pride for the firm as these financial industry professionals each bring a unique, diverse and experienced set of skills to the table. This allows them to provide the highest levels of service available in the financial industry today. At the head of this dynamic executive core is Southridge Capital’s inspirational founder Steven Hicks. He is joined on his executive team by Narine Persaud, Henry Sargent, Linda Carlsen and Laurence Ditkoff. You can visit



The two primary branches of the Southridge financial services umbrella are the company’s advisory brand and the company’s structured finance branch. Within its advisory services sphere, Southridge Capital works hard for its clients to provide services that include the projection of financial statements as well as providing the service of optimization of client balance sheets. Southridge Capital equally succeeds in the area of structured finance. Within this area, the Southridge team provides commitment services to clients in the areas of credit enhancement, solutions for financing and also in the area of securitization. Check out



As the founder and CEO with Southridge Capital, Mr. Steven M. Hicks is responsible for setting the tone for the direction that the company moves in. This direction is consistently in a direction that focuses on a continuous drive to improve and innovate. This has been a recurring theme throughout the financial industry career of Steven Hicks who has been working in the profession for more than three decades now. During that time, he has developed an extensive amount of experience and knowledge in the areas of risk arbitrage, derivatives, structuring of financials and also the dynamic sector of investment banking. Steven Hicks has taken this experience and translated it into success at Southridge Capital. He has also excelled in being an inspirational force as a leader for his Southridge executive team.



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