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Wen By Chaz Seasonal Hair Products: Ginger Pumpkin

Chaz Dean is the founder of Wen By Chaz. When he first started out, he was a salon owner in Hollywood California. But Dean soon recognized that the traditional hair washes where causing breakage and leaving hair dry. In his effort to help his clients, he created a cleansing product ( that conditioned the hair and moisturized the locks. It left hair healthy, shiny, and controllable.

WEN has gone on to create seasonal collections of its favorite hair care products. One fall favorite is called ginger pumpkin. It is available on Amazon in the hair cleanser, a hair mist, which also can be used on the body, and other styling products. The ginger pumpkin lineup plays off of spicy ginger and sweet vanilla. It evokes memories of autumn and the changing of the seasons. Other ingredients in the cleansers are cinnamon oils, coconut oil, and pumpkin seed extract.

A few other hair treatment products in the fall pumpkin and ginger collection are styling creams, mousses, and texturizers. Dean’s texturizers are sprays that can be applied to any hair: coarse, fine, or thick. To use, spray from the scalp out and hand scrunch into position, or use heat from a blow-dryer to create volume around the roots.

Chaz Dean is no stranger to creating comfort. According to crunchbase, when he began his career in California, his salon inspired relaxation. Chaz made sure the environment was stress-free and peaceful. He has always focused on providing care even if it was only for a few minutes out of a busy day. Mr. Dean is schooled in cosmetology, and some of his hobbies include animals and photography. Read more on