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Whitney Wolfe Is Named Person Of The Year

When Whitney Wolfe is asked about the term “feminist”, she will admit that she did not always like that term. However, she has had some experiences that have shown that the term fits her. For one thing, she is one of the women who refuse to be silenced. She is also someone who is willing to make sure that she succeeds on her own terms.

Whitney Wolfe has built her own business and has revolutionized her industry. She has created Bumble and has added extensions to it for women. One of the reasons that she has created Bumble is that she wanted to bring a platform of empowerment for women.

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Women are not only able to approach men with Bumble, but they are also able to network with one another and build something positive without men. Bumble was configured to prevent men from initiating contact with women. Part of the reason behind this is that Whitney Wolfe has wanted to challenge an unwritten rule about dating. She has also recognized the support she had when she was going through her struggles. This recognition has led her to come up with a platform for women of like minds to meet one another as well. Then there is the extension that helps women network for business opportunities.

With all that she is doing for women, some might wonder what Whitney Wolfe thinks about men. The good news is that Whitney Wolfe is not a man hater. As a matter of fact, she has actually spoken to feminists warning them not to be so caught up in demonizing men that they also hurt the good men. Whitney Wolfe says that good men need to be recognized. This can not only improve relationships between men and women but may also show men the type of behavior that would be approved.